Synthesis / overview: Was born in 1564 in England. William Shakespeare was a famous writer and wrote many poems and plays. His work is still famous and played today.

A picture of William Shakespeare

Childhood: William Shakespeare's family had modest means but still had good education. He was very quiet and observant. His father, John Shakespeare, was a leatherworker. He married Mary Arden, of the prominent Arden family

Training/education: Joined a theater group in his 20’s and began to write poems and plays for the Globe Theater in London. He was also well educated because his family wanted him to have a good education and go far in life. He went to grammar school in Stratford. And he very much did succeed in life.

Achievement #1: William Shakespeare also inspired many writers with his beautiful work. Also, he left a lasting mark on English language. There are saying such as, "Love is blind" that comes from Shakespeare.
Achievement #2: William Shakespeare succeeded from his writing and acting career. His poems and plays are still well known today. One of him most famous play is called "Romeo and Juliet", a love story, and many others.
Acheivment #3: Shakespeare didn't just write about love, he also wrote about history, romance, politics, prejudice, murder, suicide, and war. He wrote an incredible amount of plays and sonnets. And people still study him centuries after his death.
Review: Shakespeare invested most of his money by real estate and with it he bought a beautiful large house in 1597. He also suceded from his writing and acting.

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