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The Imilchil Marriage Festival arrives in september of 2017. This important festival is where women from all around come to search for their husband. This annual festival will be held in Souk Aam Gadoud N' Oulm Mhenni within Morocco.

On January 30 the U.S. launches airstrikes in yemen. More than 20 strikes launched against al Qaeda targeted against a deadly terror group AQAP. This Bombing was planned over a large period of time which included the January 29 raid.

Isis creates a car bombing in the city of Baghdad Iraq. This car bombing was commenced in February of 2017 becoming a focal point of hate. Within this car bombing 51 people were killed, leaving mayhem in the streets of Baghdad for a time.

Russia bombed a site near U.S. troops in a fight against Isis. On February 27 2016 while in Syria Russia bombed what they thought were Isis troops, which turned out to be U.S.-backed Syrian Arab Coalition. This supposed Accidental bombing lead to quite a lot of debate and high tensions.

U.S troops kill dozens on Isis fighters in raid. On February 9 2017 U.S. troops commenced a Syrian raid in the Eastern province of Deir Az Zor. During this raid on Isis U.S. troops killed a large amount of these Terrorists, helping the region.

Donald Trump opens a high style Golf club in Dubai. soon after Donald Trump's presidency, on February 17 2017 he opened the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. This Golf club is hoping to profit off of Dubai's luxurious nature and Donald Trump's name and business.

U.S. bombs a Isis camp Killing many. On January 19 2017 the United States Bombed Libya Isis camp to fight against the Terrorist group. This Terrorist camp was completely annihilated including everyone in it.

Isis creates a car bombing in Syria. On February 24 2017 Isis created car bombing, near a syrian holy site. This Bombing killed 35 bystanders, causing panic and increased anger towards Isis.

Isis begins to use drones to drop bombs on In Iraq. The terrorist group Isis was recorded on January 16, 2017 to begin to use drones to drop bombs in the city of Mosul. This group had now shown just another tactic in their weaponized arsonal, being weaponized drones.

Isis bombs a church in Egypt. On december 13, 2016 the terrorist group of Isis bombed St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox cathedral. This horrid bombing killed 25 people and left the church in shambles. Isis also warns this region that this was just the first of many acts like this to come.


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