The Path of Life By Cordelia Dallam

Thesis: Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist observes decision making through dreams, a king's wisdom, and motivation. Joan Bauer's novel, Close to Famous, Disney's The Lion King, and Eric Thomas' speech correlates to this theme.

Evidence 1: In Joan Bauer's Close to Famous, Foster perseveres through her adversities to follow her dreams (personal legend). "...

Commentary: Santiago, the main character in The Alchemist, goes on an adventure to find his personal legend. "... As you can see these books tie together because both characters make difficult decisions so they can pursue their dreams.

Evidence 2: Even in death King Mufasa gives his son advice that takes him back to where he's meant to be.

Commentary: In The Alchemist an old king gives Santiago advice that leads him on the path of destiny. "'It's a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend....It's your mission on Earth' [The king said]" (Coelho 24). Just as in The Lion King, the wisdom of a king leads each boy back to his path of life, where his fate is finally fulfilled.

Evidence 3: Eric Thomas, a critically acclaimed author, World renowned speaker, educator, pastor and Audie Awards Finalist motivates anyone who will listen with his speech.

Commentary: The alchemist helps Santiago on his journey. Once again Santiago needs help with motivation, the alchemist brings him back to his journey. "'When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize hie dream,' said the alchemist..."(Coelho 118). As you can see both men motivate those who need to realize something. Maybe not to realize the same thing, but they help those that need it realize where they want to go in life and bring them back to the path they're meant to be on.

Conclusion: Therefore, The Alchemist observes decision making by the wisdom of others and the wisdom hidden inside us. Whether it's an old king, a famous person, or even an almost unknown alchemist, on the journey of life you'll find many people to help you on your way. Be prepared for anything or anyone because you never know where they'll take you or what kind of impact they may have on you.

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