Basic Information & Demographics:

Located in the Northern area of Africa, borders the Mediterranean Sea, and sits in inbetween Morocco and Tunisia.

Algeria's population is 40,263,711 (July 2016 est.) ranking as number 34 compared to the rest of the world

Country comparison to the world: 34

Algeria is the largest country in Africa

Sahara Desert

Presidential republic government

Algeria is home to the 10th-largest reserves of natural gas worldwide

Algeria's GDP is estimated to be $609.4 billion in 2016


Algeria's GDP is estimated to be $609.4 billion in 2016 which is 35th in the world compared to the US at $18.56 trillion

GDP growth rate is 3.6% (2016) which is 73rd in the world compared to the US at 1.6%

Algeria's economy is driven by petroleum and mining industries

Algeria's currency is the Algerian dinars (DZD)

Algerian Dinars are about 110.1 (DZD) to 1 USD

Algeria's External debt is $5.934 billion which is 128th in the world compared to the US at $17.91 trillion which is 1st in the world.

Mortality rates:

Infant mortality rate- 21.9 per 1,000

Life expectancy at birth(female)- 77 per 1,000

Life expectancy at birth(males)- 73 per 1,000

Most of Algeria's population is located in the north due to the majority of the land being covered in desert.

"After independence from France in 1962 the total fertility rate fell dramatically from 7 children per woman in the 1970s to about 2.4 in 2000" -CIA World Fact Book

Recent News

Recently new laws against domestic abuse have been created to punish violence against women.

"If a domestic attack prevents the woman from working for over 15 days, the perpetrator faces two to five years in prison.If a woman is mutilated, or the violence causes loss of eyesight or a limb, or any sort of permanent damage, the law says the attackers could face from 10 to 20 years' incarceration."-

These laws are important because in the past there were no strict punishments for violence against women. This is just another big step towards equality.


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