Digital Video Class Learning Journal Jane Gallinaugh

Class 1 Creative Challenge.

Create a Vacation Commercial using found video and audio assets. Edit the video so it is 15 seconds long. Export the video as an MP4 (H.264) and host on Vimeo, Youtube or something similar. Share the video URL in the EDEX assignment forum.

I have to say this assignment was much more time consuming than I expected but I've not used Premiere Pro before so that only stands to reason. I certainly have a whole new appreciation for feature length movies and the Academy Awards! Having used Flash and Animate before, at least the timeline was familiar. :-)

It took quite awhile to come up with video footage and music plus then the task of putting it together. I feel mine is quite crude but one must begin somewhere. Here is the YouTube link:

The videos came from: and the music from:

Beach Party - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



Class 2 Creative Assignment.

Create a short video (30 seconds maximum) adding your own clips, audio and graphics as well as adding transitions, effects and titles to your Class 1 Assignment.

The second assignment was fun as it was a continuation from the first. I did run into a bit of a snag since we had had a lot of snow in Halifax so my thought was to video someone shovelling snow and then throwing their shovel in frustration as the plow went by. As luck would have it, Mother Nature took over with rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. So much for the towering snowbanks... but not totally sorry to see the snow going down the drain! :-)

Now what was I going to do? I settled on a couple of still shots and using the Titles feature. Here is the link: Gotta getaway 2: As in the first assignment, credit goes to, with the music and wind sound effects from:

Final Reflection

I have learned a lot from this Premiere Pro Introductory course. I had absolutely no experience with video or video editing so this was a great way to get a taste. The program is a bit overwhelming in that it offers so many features but this course started with the necessary basics and then built upon them. I realize this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a start.

To be a student is exciting. It's fun and challenging to learn new things and to be creative. Work places and classrooms are so structured, it's great to be able to interact with people from all over the world and to create with imagination. The Premiere Pro program worked for me in that it's similar to other Adobe products, particularly Flash which also uses a timeline. It was more challenging to get used to the four screens and the Effects were a bit of an issue for me. I couldn't seem to figure out how to get rid of them.

I am not an instructor but an instructional designer for the School of Social Work. I see video would certainly be helpful for students and instructors as they role-play to hone their counselling skills for clients. I'm not sure that every student would use or could afford Premiere Pro to edit their videos but it would be good for them to know that this tool exists. Also, I can see it would be very helpful for me or the tech department to have this ability as video is used widely across the university.

Thanks for a great course.

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