Program in Human Sexuality World class answers for sexual and gender health

The University of Minnesota’s Program in Human Sexuality is an internationally renowned powerhouse led by some of the world’s foremost experts in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and disorders. Here, researchers also engage in critical sexual health investigations, and educators design curricula that changes the way medical professionals learn about human sexuality.

We are honored to be the recipient of a generous leadership gift and matching funds opportunity from the Chicago-based TAWANI Foundation, founded by philanthropist COL (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired). Half the support is an outright donation, while the other half will be made available when the program matches it with other donations. This gift will help drive significant progress toward our goals and is intended to encourage a groundswell of constituent support.

The Bean Robinson Endowed Chair in Clinical Sexual Health

An endowed chair in this area will allow a faculty leader to provide exceptional clinical care to individuals, couples, and families.

  • Increasing pleasurable sexual experiences across the lifespan
  • Clinical care of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals
  • Treatment of compulsive sexual behavior, paraphilia, sexual pain disorders, and sexual desire concerns

Bean Robinson, PhD, and her partner, Walter Sawicki, have directed a generous donation to this effort. Dr. Robinson has a multifaceted and extensive career in clinical sexual health: from HIV research studies in the 1990’s to the many individuals and relationships she has helped through her thoughtful clinical care. Dr. Robinson’s mentorship and work ethic have inspired countless faculty to rise to her standards. Dr. Robinson joined PHS as a faculty member in 1992. She has served as Associate Director, the Coordinator of our Relationship and Sex Therapy Program (REST), and most recently, as PHS’ Clinic Director.

Fundraising progress through June 2020

The Pepper Schwartz Endowed Professorship in Sexuality and Aging

An endowed professorship in sexuality and aging will ensure the ongoing sustainability, growth, and success of our bold three-pronged mission to:

  • Expand scientific research in positive sexual health and clinical care for older adults
  • Improve education about aging and sexuality for healthcare providers
  • Provide accurate information and positive attitudes about sexuality among aging people through the media

Dr. Schwartz has written or co-authored 25 books, including the groundbreaking American Couples: Money, Work and Sex. She appears prominently in magazines, on the web, and on television on the subject of sexuality. Schwartz also served for over a decade as the love, sex and relationship ambassador to AARP. Pepper Schwartz, PhD, is a sociologist and sexologist who teaches at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Fundraising progress through June 2020

The National Center for Gender Spectrum Health

The mission of the Center is to eliminate gender based stigma and discrimination, support the development of healthy gender identity development for all across the lifespan, and to improve the quality of health and life of transgender and gender diverse individuals and patients, families, and communities through scientific research, clinical practice, policy work, and education.

Fundraising progress through June 2020

National Center for Gender Spectrum Health co-directors, Drs. Dianne Berg and Katie Spencer.

Phillip Colgan, PhD, Jane Fonda, Geol Leonard Wiers, and Mitch Colgan attend fundraiser for the Pepper Schwartz Professorship in Sexuality and Aging in Los Angeles, 2018.

Drs. Pepper Schwartz and Joycelyn Elders attend a fundraiser for the Pepper Schwartz Professorship in Sexuality and Aging, 2019.