KENIA Portraits taken by Julie Huynh


The basics of this portrait photography project was to take pictures of our partner in a total of 2 weeks. There was no requirement for the poses in the pictures however individually we each had to choose 6 best portrait pictures that we took of our partner.


For this photo, Kenia and I walked out into the front of the school and I saw these trees that had really vibrant red/pink/orange colored leaves. Therefore I had Kenia just lean against the tree and just asked her to smile. The day this photo was taken it was windy and cloudy therefore the sky was gray and her hair was blown back. I am really happy with the fact that Kenia wore a bright hot pink scarf because I feel like with the color of her scarf and the leaves behind her it really makes the image stand out more. I am also glad that it was cloudy that day therefore I was able to capture this photo with out her glasses having any reflections on it.


For this photo, Kenia and I walked to the area next to the boys locker rooms and I say this ledge with the words "Conquistadors" across it. I then asked Kenia to just sit on top of the ledge and just smile and switch up her poses. The original image had a tint of blue therefore I had to photo shop this image to whiten it up a little bit. I like how Kenia's shirt kind of matched with her shoes. I also like how nothing in this photo was too colorful or bright so nothing really stood out that wasn't suppose to. If I could change one thing about this image I would want to remove the brown thing in the background to have a solid background with no distractions but I couldn't because I wanted her to be sitting right on top of the words. I am also glad that I took a tripod with me this day so my camera could take stabilize. The last thing I'm glad about is that there was no glares on her glasses because she was in the shade and where I stood to take this image was also in the shade and overall the day was cloudy.


For this photo, like the first photo Kenia and I walked out to the front of the school and I saw this tree. I asked Kenia to just lean against the tree because I like how colorful the background was and just thought that it was make a good picture. The one problem I had while taking this photo was that I did not bring a tripod out with me and didn't feel like walking all the way back to class so most of the photos I took came out slight blurry so I was lucky I got some that wasn't. Another difficulty I had was that in most of my photos the focus was most on the tree and no on Kenia so her face came out slight blurry while the tree was clear. It was a cloudy day therefore there wasn't any glares on her glasses luckily.


For this photo, Kenia and I were walking where the bus drops student and I saw these thin and kind of short trees and they were in a straight line. I liked the leading line concept so that was what I attempted first but then I ran into a problem because by doing the leading lines concept it caused the photo to look like Kenia had tree branches growing out of her head. Even though that didn't work I still wanted to take a photo of Kenia with the tree so I just had her lean against it. I like how the photo had a shallow depth of field. I find the greens in the background not distracting but it adds color to the picture. Again this was taken during a cloudy day so there was no glares on her glasses and no shadows on her face or the background. I also think Kenia's pink scarf makes the photo more eye appealing because of the pop of color.


This photo was taken at the same spot as photo #2 but for this photo i had her in a different pose. I am glad that there are not any glares or weird shadows in the background or on her. If i could remove something from this photo it would be the brown vent thing in the background and the pole in front of the O. I like how all the colors in the background are simple and kind of the same shade so with her wearing a dark blue color along with her blue shoes made the photo more appealing. Like the other photo this photo originally came out with a tint of blue so I also photo shopped this one to whiten it a little but not too much so its not over exposed.


For this photo, Kenia and I walked out to the front where the lights are to cross the street. I choose for Kenia to stand there because I liked the red/orange leaves and wanted them in the background. When taking this picture I had to stand really far away and zoom in to cause a shallow depth of field in order for the cars in the back not to be a distracting factor. One challenge was that I had to be really careful of when I snapped the picture because I didn't want to get the cars driving back and forth in the background because I felt like that would be a distracting factor. For this photo the sun was coming out more so it was getting a little sunny so I wanted to hurry up and take the photo so there wouldn't be any glares on her glasses or shadows from the leaves.


After finishing this project it taught me that it is very difficult to take pictures without glares on the glasses is your model has glasses. I also learned to always take the background into consideration when taking a picture to make sure there isn't any distracting factors that might ruin the photo. Lastly I learned the importance of a tripod because the first day I went out to shoot I thought that I wouldn't need a tripod and that it would just be annoying to have to carry it around but then most of my photos came out blurry because for some I had to zoom in a lot so my hand wasn't steady therefore from that day on I always remembered to bring a tripod with me just in case.

  • Bring a tripod
  • No distracting backgrounds
  • Watch your lighting
  • Try different formats/techniques (vertical & horizontal/rule of thirds, leading lines,etc.)
  • Watch your cropping
  • Try different distances

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