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Q What is the most effective form of government and why

A I think representative democracy is the most effective form of representative democracy you elect a leader based on what the majority of the country likes about the candidates, like what they promise. Representative democracies re-elect the leader after some time. if the leader goes against the constitution congress will work to kick him out and put the next person in line as the new leader. You don't have to vote on everything. representative democracy is the most effective form of government.

Q: What dose it mean to be a good citizen

A: To be a good citizen means a lot of things. it means you have certain Rights. Rights are certain things you have but don't have to use like freedom of speech and the right to vote. Although even though there are rights there are also many responsibilities. Responsibilities are things you have to have like rights, but you have to do and follow them. Examples for responsibilities are paying taxes and obeying the law

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