The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art By: Jacob henschel

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece of Artwork is called Old Man's Cloth, and it was created by El Anatsui in 2003. When I first saw this piece of artwork as I walked into the Harn museum, I thought to myself that it was a very beautiful quilt, and wondered what type of cloth it was made out of. As I walked closer to the piece I realized that it was actually made of tiny pieces of aluminum strung together. If I had just seen this piece of artwork online I would never have realized the time and effort it had taken to string each piece of aluminum together and would not have been able to fully appreciate the piece.

Design of the Museum: The wing of the museum that was the most interesting to me was the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. As I was walking through the museum, just taking it all in, I was drawn to the Asian Art Wing by its beautiful wooden structure and the beaming light coming from the outside. When I walked in the wing, I was enamored by the beauty of the forest and its light shining through. Although I was not necessarily interested by Asian art, I stopped and spent some time admiring it due to the beautiful room.

Art and Core Values: This piece is called Road Worker, and was created by Diego Rivera in 1945. Although the piece looks simple, it spoke to me. When I look at the piece, I see a man putting is head down and just grinding away. Not thinking about anything else but the task at hand, until that task is completed. This piece motivated me immensely. I thought to myself that if this man is able to just focus on his job and work so effectively, even if his job may seem very simple, imagine how I should feel and act when I have an extremely important task at hand. Whenever I am catch myself procrastinating I should just think of the road worker.

Art and the Good Life: This painting is called Dos Niños (two kids) and was painted by Jesús Guerrero Galván in 1948. A big theme that we discussed last week after reading Walden and Siddhartha was living simplistically leading to the living the good life. When I viewed this painting, the thing that struck me was the innocence in those kids' eyes. It was painted in a very simplistic way as well. Although as a college student I will never get that kind of innocence back like those children in the painting have, I believe that if I just stopped once in a while, and just simply thought about life, or any happy thoughts, or just let my mind relax those children in the painting, instead of just always focusing on my next task, I would be able to live what I believe is closer to the good life.

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