Progressive crime in a progressive era By Vinnie Costanza

In the Progressive era crime in the streets was plentiful hit men and mobsters were everywhere and you could buy a gun in the SEARS catalog for 12 dollars but thanks to the efforts from men like Alan Pinkerton and Thomas Byrnes crime had died down by the time this era ended.
Crime in the progressive era in New York City was fought by a man named Thomas Byrnes who saw that when a criminal was wanted or known in one area he or she would simply move on to the next area. Byrnes took this problem head on by creating the mug shot he took pictures of every known criminal or lawbreaker he could get his hands on he then put these pictures on a wall he called the rogues gallery he also sent these pictures to all the police departments in the country so this way no cri minal would be safe.
Byrnes also created a new method of interrogation called the third degree. The first degree is persuasion the second being intimidation the third is pain. thanks to this new method criminals all around America and especially New York because they knew that Byrnes has no problem with hurting them.
Alan Pinkerton created the Pinkerton National Detective Agency who were a private detective agency if anyone had a problem going to Pinkerton's for help was always an option the way they fought crime was by recruiting many detectives and encouraging many civilians to be aware of their surroundings and if they ever saw something they should report what they saw and this did actually do a big number on criminals confidence on committing crimes in public

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