Equal Rights for LGBTQ Community BY: Natalie Duquette

Currently, across the United States, the LGBTQ community is discriminated for their sexual orientation. On June 26, 2015, gay marriage was made legal but, the LGBTQ community continues to be treated unfairly by not earning certain jobs, not moving in apartments, and not receiving equal service at restaurants all for being gay. This is clearly unjust because being part of the LGBTQ communitry isn’t a choice just like the race you were born with. In 1967, interracial marriages declared legal but still today interracial couples receive torment because of the race of their partner. Clearly both of these are issues that need to be stopped now. The LGBTQ community should be treated with eqaul respect as a citizen and should not be discriminated.

The LGBTQ Community should not be treated unfairly because of their sexual orientations. A few years ago, there was a case about a Christian florist who was sued for refusing to sell wedding flowers to a gay couple. It stated on the Blaze, “....Christian florist who was sued and found guilty of discrimination after refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding…” This is clearly unacceptable because even though this florist isn’t stopping the wedding, she is treating the gay couple with less respect and is treating them rudely. Apparently, “....she refused service to Robert Ingersoll and his partner….” (Florist Sued for Refusing Service to Gay Couple, The Blaze) Clearly, this is discrimination because the only reason she is not helping them, is due to their sexual orientation which is not their choice. It is unjust to treat people based on their sexuality and these actions need to stop. The gay couple should have been treated with the same service as a regular couple would receive. In conclusion, the LGBTQ community should not be treated unfairly because of their sexily orientation.

Christian florist who refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding

In 1967, interracial marriages were finally legalized, but still today there is discrimination and harassment towards the couples. In a recent viral video, an interviewer sees an interracial couple eating out and goes up to the African American man and asks him on camera, “...You couldn’t find to black women?” (The Sun News) Clearly, this is harassment and extremely insulting to the couple because they were minding their own business the and a man just had to come along and comment on their intimate relationship. Also, when gay marriage was legalized in the US on June 26, 2015, gay couples are still being tormented and harassed today, for their sexuality. Gay couples sometimes even face trouble trying to find a place to live because some landlords in apartment buildings dislike having gay couples in their building. A few years ago a gay couple tried to move into an apartment building and the gay couple said that the landlord, "First he tried to deter us by hiking up the rent. Then he told us that he wanted to rent it out only to a family. When I responded that we were also a family, he said he meant a man and woman because a woman’s job is to keep the place clean, and he didn’t want the place to turn into a dump.” Clearly this is unfair because people shouldn't have a dilemma trying to find a place to live just because the are gay. A person's sexuality shouldn't affect their choices of places to live. Clearly, interracial couples and gay couples face many problems because of their spouse. In conclusion, interracial and gay couples face problems everyday because of their spouse.

Even though both gay and interracial couples face problems, gay couples face far more serious discrimination because it is more common for a gay couple to be harassed. With interracial couple, they might receive a few rude comments by random people on the streets a few times, but gay couples are experiencing more discrimination because there are many religions and huge groups of people against them. In religions, “...the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and orthodox Jewish groups oppose gay marriage on religious ground.” This is unfair because it goes against the first amendment because it take away freedom of religion. In is also unjust because no one can feel comfortable with another person if it is against so many things in so many religions. When the Christian florist refused to sell the gay couple flowers she said, "Freedom of speech and religion aren’t subject to the whim of a majority; they are constitutional guarantees.” One could understand where she is coming from but it is still discrimination to not treat someone with basic rights. In conclusion, even though both gay and interracial couples face problems, gay couples face far more serious discrimination.

Today, these problems are slowly being solved by organizations that anyone can join. A common local foundation, known as ACLU LGBT help the LGBT community have completely equal rights and have a good lifestyle. The website always had openings to become a volunteer for the next march, protest or meeting. Clearly, anyone can join because the ACLU foundation is always looking for volunteers. The ACLU protects freedom of speech and the right to protst for LGBTQ community and pushes for reforms to racially-biased criminal justice system. This foundation provides a chance to help and get involved with the community of LGBTQ. It is free to join and anyone can donate to help them organize and run the fondation stronger.


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