The 1960s how does art reflect life during the 1960s?

Background Information

1961- The Berlin Wall is put up separating East and West. East Berlin was mainly communist, and was controlled by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union thought that people wouldn't want to be communist is they could leave East Berlin and have freedom, so they put up the Berlin Wall to keep all of them inside the area.

1963- President John F. Kennedy (JFK) is assassinated.

1964- The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is put into effect, getting America closer to freedom and equality.

1968- Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon.

Political Advantage


During the 1960s, one of the biggest political issues that President Kennedy faced was the war between the US and the Soviet Union, later known as the Cold War. The Cold War was a large nuclear war that spanned from 1947-1991, making it 45 years long.

Nikita Khrushchev VS JFK

All of the sixties were taken up by the Cold War, making it one of JFK's main duties as president. The arm wrestling is showing the conflict between the Soviet Union and the US. The Cold War was such a big part of American politics, that it influenced the way people lived and many of the decisions people made.

Why Bombs?

The Cold War was very dangerous because of the main weapon used, the nuclear bomb. Nuclear bombs are one of the most dangerous weapons used. Many Americans lived on edge due to the danger that these bombs imposed.

Living on edge

In this picture, Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy are depicted holding their fingers over two buttons, connected to the oppositions seat (the bomb). During this time many Americans lived on edge, like represented by JFK and Khrushchev holding their hands over the buttons. It also shows the distrust between these two rival countries.

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