"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Tracing humanity through individual stories

How does the arrival of the Nazis take away humanity?

Week 1: May 5-12

What was it like before the Nazis came?

Signal phrase, "quote" (Citation).



What changes after the Nazie arrive?

After looking out his bedroom window, Bruno wonders, "he watched hundreds of people in the distance ... [they] were wearing the same clothes as each other: a pair of grey striped pajamas" (Boyne 38).

As Bruno and Gretel look out the window, they see the people in the concentration camps; they are unaware of who the people are or why they are there. Bruno does note that everyone is wearing the same outfit; they appear universal. During the Holocaust, the Jews were stripped of their humanity in many ways. The forced conformity via the uniforms was only a small way the Nazis demoralized the victims. In addition, these uniforms portray the victims as "prisoners" or "criminals" making it seem like they have committed a crime.

Striped Uniforms of Nazi Prisoners

Fear: A Nazi Instrument of Control

Signal phrase, "quote" (Citation).



What major changes occur in the lives of those affected my the Nazis reign of terror?

Week 2: May 12-19

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