Jesse Owens Track and Field Olympian Journey to Freedom November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"A young man who grew up amid racism and discrimination, Owens went on to prove that excellence does not know skin color."

Based upon the context clues, the word discrimination means "differentiating" or analytical. (p.7)


"The Olympic games began in Berlin Germany, on Saturday , august 1, 1936 with an elaborate opening ceremony."(p. 7)

Based upon context clues the word "elaborate" means worked out with great care.(p.23)

"After struggling in the warm ups,Owens blasted out of the starting block for the final race."

Based upon the context clues the word "struggling" means to contend with and adversary or opposing face.(p.25)

"A gifted athlete, Jesse Owens stunned the world with his performance at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany."

based upon the context clues the word "stunned" mean to be astonished or shocked.(p.7)

"Their reasoning was that Owens and Metcalfe were racing to well not to run."

Based upon the context clues the word "reasoning" means the act or press of a person who reasons.(p.27)

"Owens emotions got the best of him, and at one point he stepped beyond the end of the liftoff point."

Based upon the context clues the word "emotions" means any of the feelings of joy sorrow or fear.(p.26)

"Once he found himself trying to outrun a thoroughbred racehorse as part of a soccer game's halftime show. It was a humiliating experience for the olympic champion."

based upon the context clues the word "humiliating" means lowering the pride or self respect or dignity of e person.(p.30)

"the previous day, Adolf Hitler had invited gold medalists from germany and finlands to his box as a gesture of congratulation."

based upon the context clues the word " invited" means the act of inviting someone.(p.25)




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