Hosting ʻOnipaʻa Kauaʻi Suggestions for Affiliates

How to collect donations

There will be a suggested donation of $20 per person to participate in ʻOnipaʻa Kauaʻi, with all proceeds going directly into the hands of the survivors via the Hanalei-Haena Flooding Fund. Your donation will go toward medical supplies, food, water and help in rebuilding shelter. Your members and participants can donate to their page and show you their receipt. You will not need to be responsible for handling any donations.

How to be come a listed participating affiliate

Fill out the form by clicking on the link below to get added to our list of participating affiliates or email kea@kakouliftingco.com for questions.

When to host

To have a unified effort, we suggest hosting this WOD from Friday, April 20, 2018 - Sunday, April 22, 2018. Work within whatever hours work best for your team or if youʻre interested - run the event as a class WOD!

Suggestions on how to run the event

• Share the 'Onipa'a Kaua'i page so that your members have all the information (and you don't need to write anything - yay!). All you need to let them know is the days and times you will be hosting the event (or let them know that you may be doing them during class, we are!).

• If you are not taking other donations (like food, water, etc.) be very clear and let your members know. We are personally not taking any physical donations - we are running everything through the Hanalei-Haena Flooding Fund to get the donations into the hands that need it most.

• Advertise using this social media kit so that we have consistent messaging. Please credit @ianisonline for the buffalo image and @carolkauai1 for the flood image. Use hashtags #onipaakauai and #alohawod to get ʻOnipaʻa Kauaʻi to trend as popular along with your favorite go-to CrossFit hashtags.

• Run the event exactly how you ran the CrossFit Open workouts. Its a format that your members are already familiar with and it will get them into the spirit of competition and teamwork.

• Have a heat board with preset times to keep your members on the same page and allow for an organized event.

• You may choose to accept cash or check donations, but we personally will not be. We are encouraging everyone to donate/sign-up via this GoFundMe page by way of credit, debit or PayPal, to make things as seamless as possible and to make sure to bring a copy of their donation receipt. Please do not send any donations to Kahala CrossFit - we are running all donations through the go fund me to ensure that all funds go to the Hanalei-Haʻena Flooding Fund.

• Remind members that it is their responsibility to create their own teams and to donate to the GoFundMe prior to arriving on-site.

• Have a check-in table where teams can receive their heat time.

• Have a separate athlete warm-up area for your heats on standby so that they are cleared of the competition floor, yet have time to coordinate with their team and come up with a strategy

• Run heats every 35 minutes. (Each heat is 28 minutes long. We will allot 7 minutes between heats for equipment wipe down and adjustment and for participants to get in order.)

• Before a heat starts (during the suggested 7 minute changing period) go over safety standards and what the event is about so that participants can internalize why they are participating in ʻOnipaʻa Kauaʻi.

At Kahala CrossFit Kupaʻa, we celebrate the end of our week with aloha friday and in true CrossFit spirit, we call it an Aloha WOD.



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