Meet Jeanie & Bill Sharpless #underthemagnolia

"In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out"

Besides it being a new community, it has so much to offer: Amenities, choices of residential styles, social activities, club house features, great school district, the feeling of community and, of course, the golf - and vision for future development. For us, it was time for a change. Our kids were gone and we wanted something new... something for the next phase of our life. Like a lot of people our age, we thought about downsizing, but we still wanted to keep our lives the way they were. We love to entertain and we frequently have a houseful of guests, so downsizing didn't seem to be the right word. So, Magnolia Green, specifically Charleston Village, gave us the opportunity to build our dream home with entertaining in mind, fun with golf, and the added value of exterior maintenance being done for us whether we are home or not. This gives us more time to travel (which we love).

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

Friday at the Green is our favorite. It's a great family atmosphere with music, games and FUN. For our age bracket, particularly, we enjoy Boomer gatherings, such as our Boomer Talent Show at the Grille, wine and cheese events, holiday events and block parties, game nights, book clubs. The simple fact that there are so many community social events, keeps people involved, connected, and yes, happy! Magnolia Green outweighs other surrounding neighborhoods throughout the county... and new social ideas are always welcomed! Additionally, there are bus trips to a variety of places to explore. It's a great place to live whether you are moving in from another area, or, like us, want to stay in the area that you have called 'home' for many years. Charleston Village is a Community of Family! That's what we have become, we help each other, and care about each other! Even in the most difficult times, neighbors come together as evidenced when the Boomers planned a luncheon and dedicated a golf course bench in memory of fellow golfer, Don Sherry. This group pulled together and wrapped their arms around Don’s wife Karen. All of these special acts of kindness are what makes our community stand out! It’s a GREAT place to live!

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

We enjoy this area of Richmond metro (and have for 30+ years). We are close to our family, which was a main consideration when we decided to move (and where to move). We were excited that we were able to find the style of home, size of home and location in the type of community we desired. We love the 'Planned Community Lifestyle' that we enjoyed at our previous home for 31 years! We have always been happy that we were able to raise our children in a community similar to Magnolia Green, so we wanted the same lifestyle to continue. Plus, when the family is not here, we have 'OUR' life with many options for our active lifestyle... or just relaxation! We are centrally located to our adult children and grandchildren in NC and northern VA. And they love coming to visit (often) because it's the same lifestyle that we all want our grandchildren to experience. The lifestyle at Magnolia Green will build memories for a lifetime!

Describe Magnolia Green in one word

There are numerous words to describe Magnolia Green. Coming to mind is 'Lifestyle,' a community of many choices with something for everyone. If only able to choose one word, it would be 'Lifestyle'...a Fun, Active Community for All!

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