Unitopia Utopia Project

Government in the community will be a dictatorship.

There will be 4 major rules. These rules will be the most inforced rules in the community, If failed to follow after 3 punishments you will be no longer part of the community.

Rule 1. ) There will be no discrimination. If a citizen of the community fails to not judge anyone by their looks, skin color, features, etc. They will be taken to the department of justice to resolve the issue.

Rule 2. ) No more than four children. Families will be allowed to have 4 children and if wish to have more will have to file an application and pay a fine. If the citizen fails to let the Administration of Child Development know. ALL children will be taken.

Rule 3. ) Everyone will have a job once they finish the required schooling. You are too choose a schooling goal at the end of secondary school and follow through. There will be maintaining a family if one is injured and is not working . You will not be allowed kids in you don't have a job and you are not to be fired for than 4 times in a lifetime. Requirement to work will end at 65.

Rule 4. ) You will not cause any harm or disrespect overs. This includes fighting, stealing, hit and runs, no killing, no harming in any way, no abuse, no hitting, etc. If you hurt someone in a way that is unacceptable you will be released from the community immediately.

Education in the community

The Educational System will be held in a 1:3 ratio.

Every school day will be ONLY be 7 , 25 - 40 minute classes they will be set up as AB classes.

Required classes for the society would include: 13 years of mathematics, 13 years of Language, Social Skills, physical education, culinary, and child development. They will take classes related to a general career path and will be required to learn job responsibilities.

The educational system will set young adults up for the reality of life and give them the responsibility they need to live a successful citizens to the society.

This school system will teach them social skills that public schools lack as well as quality and structure of education that students will grasp. More interaction instead of notes, engaging with students.

Family in the community

The families in the community will be one male figure and one female figure. Once the female and male figures marry there is no divorce. If a divorce is filed, the child will be taken until problems within the household as resolved. If Problems are resolved an evaluator will be sent to the house to inspect the atmosphere and to criticize the family to see if the house is stable for the child to come back.

If problems are not resolved the child will not return back to the household and will be placed in a temporary home until a family that is infertile or a family that desires to adopt.

Abortion will not be an option. Genetic testing will be done. if there are complications or the offspring is a risk of a very complicated painful mutation or disease, adoption will then be option.

The community will be neither a matriarchal or patriarchal. We feel that a child needs both dominance from both a mother and a father. A child should not only depend on one parent but both for support as a growing child and developing citizen.

No more than four children. Families will be allowed to have 4 children and if wish to have more will have to file an application and pay a fine. If the citizen fails to let the Administration of Child Development know. ALL children will be taken. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED.

Everyone will live in the same dwelling. Every child will have their own room. The child is to live with the parent until 17 IF they are financially stable and responsible enough to work, live, and support themselves they can move into an individual dwelling.

Living with the parents is how a child will develop nurturing skills and develop into a caring, loving, independent individual.

Housing in the community

Housing will be in neighborhoods. Neighborhoods will be in a circular layout leading into dead ends that will belong to a "Family Tree". Neighborhoods will be available for those who choose not to live within the "family tree" branch.

Houses will differ within the sizing of the family and how much the family makes as an income. If the individual is single they will live in a single level home. As the individual moves on in life and decides to make life changing decisions the housing will be adjusted.

Housing will be paid as a "FIne" instead of a HUGE payment.

The layout in the community was chosen, because it gives them a chance to grow up while but still have the support of family near them. Unless they feel like they don't want to be part of the family any longer and choose to move into a home in a special area.


The top 5 career fields we will have will be: Medical, Criminal Justice, Agricultural, Carpenter , Educational.

For Medical field will be a very good option for those who are easily engaged in Science, Math, and Social Skills. They will be allowed to pick their own career paths. These people will assist

For Criminal will be good for the ones who are more into making sure everything is enforced in the community as well as, dealing with punishments for those who decide not to follow the rules. These Individuals will work as a law enforcer and to correct people who are wrong.

Agricultural fields will work to help the community in many ways. They will help with breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal plants and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.

Carpenters will repairs wooden objects and structures. This job will be better paying that others.

Teachers will teach students about the required subjects and be paid equally to a surgical major.


The currency will be in credits every hour of work will equal to 15-25 credits depending on the position you work and then schooling you inquired in.


transportation will be in a speed train and we will provide bikes for the city. We chose it because we felt that bikes were safe and trains transport you to farther locations.

Climate and environment

the climate will be the same as now and the environment will be a fertile land near the east cost. The will give us the water and fertile land that we need for our culture Seasons will change. It will be mainly warm.


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