Empire Of Lies By Sleep Rebellion

Empire Of Lies

2014 | Rock

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“Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies. -- We tune out, we tune in. -- We believe, we pretend. -- Chains of fear, chains of hate. -- Chains we love, we won't break.”


  • Sleep rebellion is a libertarian band out of Portland, Oregon.
  • The album concept ties into a sci-fi short story of the same name, written by the band’s songwriter, Chris McGraw.
  • Each song follows a chapter in the short story and focuses on a different theme related to liberty, tyranny and revolution.


Luke Tatum

Calling out the negative effects of TV "programming," (some would say it's called programming for a reason) this song is a simple slow jam to start, but has a rather triumphant build later on. The chorus is the famous line that so many will associate with the great Dr. Ron Paul: "Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies." My favorite line is at the very end: "Chairs of fear, chains of hate; Chains we love, we won't break." A poetic way to sum up the situation we find ourselves in. Republicans and Democrats both believe in freedom, but only the freedom they like. Everything else must be enforced in a totalitarian fashion. Why? They don't like those freedoms. Paint the chains gold and show them off to your friends, eh? Sorting truth from lies is a challenge in a world laden with propaganda. Here's to all of you who have taken up the challenge.

Sherry Voluntary

I really like this sombert and moody tune. One line really stood out for me, "chains we love we won't break." I feel like the majority of the American people have learned to love their chains. Do Americans have it pretty damn good in a lot of ways? Yes, but a guilded cage is still a cage. I used to be one of those people who excused American murderous foreign policy with "This country isn't perfect, but it's the best one in the world." Now, I work to try to figure out how to make people uncomfortable with their slavery so that they can join us in advancing freedom.

Nicky P

My only beef with the song is I'm spoiled on modern record production. Sonic quality aside, the song is incredibly catchy and well crafted. The refrain calling out to Dr. Paul is beautiful. The lyrics seem to center around the control that is present for those that control the narrative that everyone is fed. Have you ever tried talking to a normie about politics? It's not so infuriating that the takes are so bad, it's that they have so much information omitted from their understanding of the world they couldn't possibl have an informed opinion. These same people go out and "rock the vote" with basically no pertinent information, just feelings.

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Nicky P

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