Let's Make a Deal Learning how to trade and the importance of production


Imagine this, you are the leader of a country and it is your task to trade with other countries. Your decisions will effect your entire country. You must decide on what will be the best trade deals for your country.


In groups of 8, you will choose one country from each of the 8 regions: (Click on the link to see the list of countries that you can choose from: http://www.timeforkids.com/around-the-world )

  1. Africa
  2. Antartica, Australia, and New Zealand
  3. Asia
  4. Central America
  5. Europe
  6. Middle East
  7. North America
  8. South America


  • Once every one in your group has chosen a country from each of the regions go to the country-specific website
  • Choose two or three products that are produced in that country. This is your main export.
  • As a group watch this video:
  • Login to the Group Google Doc ( I will provide the links to each of your groups)
  • Every one should type the name of their country as well as your main exports
So, here's your challenge: Decide which countries you think are your greatest partners. Then come up with a plan for making trade deals with these countries.
  • What can you offer these countries?
  • Do you have products of equivalent value?
  • Once you have come up with a plan create two slides in the group slide show (the links will be given to this as well). These slides should share your trade deal plans with the rest of your group.
  • Once everyone in your group has finished their proposal get together and share your trade deals.
  • You must all work together and negotiate a final trade deal.
  • Once you have created a final trade deal, make a Google Presentation explaining it. You will present this to the class.


Log into the class blog page and answer the following questions:

  1. What was your final trade deal decision?
  2. Was it harder or easier than you expected to agree upon a deal?
  3. What criteria did you believe was the most important in making your decision about which countries would be your trade partners? Why?



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