W/c March 13th Reflective Journal


I have researched how to added different aspects into my game in unreal. via youtube videos.

We originally had an idea for a snap camera effect to quickly change the player to different locations, we have recently decided to scrap that idea and decided to use a zoomed in camera showing more of the character and less of the environments around the character, this adds to the shock factor when the player encounters a new enemy.

We have experimented with different camera techniques and talked over the different strategies behind each change.

I am researching how to add A.I into our unreal engine 4 2D sidescroller game project. the research material itself was easy to find however implementing them into the game itself was very difficult because there are so many different variables i have to account for.

I will be researching how best to add a new animation into our 2D specifically a sliding animation to add to the parkour aspect of our project.

Ive been researching how to import and add sounds to specific things within our project such as enemies, characters, environments, background ect.


During our talk with Brad from Codemasters i learnt a lot more about the audio aspect to games design such as what the job entails, what the good things are and what the bad things are for example i learnt that the good aspects of the job is you get to travel and interact with a variety of places and people. I also learnt you get to work closely with other people of similar and even totally different profession but ultimately are all working on the same project.

I have also learned of two great ways to get a good start in the games industry the first path is applying to be a QA (Quality Assurances) Tester, by doing this job you are contributing to the industry as well as proving your passion for games and the making of them. It also allows you to interact and be social with members of the dev team so you can ask questions to people who are in a specific role you may be interested in.

The other way ive noticed is to go through the degrees at uni than once you have finished uni and you have built yourself a nice portfolio you can leave and apply to jump straight into job being confident in your abilities due to all the years you have spent perfecting your craft in higher education.

I ran into an issue while trying to add a slide mechanic to our character, the problem was the character spawning in that animation state, to try and solve the problem i experimented with the animation state machine within the BP character and i also looked at the event graph and tried to implement new codes to fix the issue.

I think our presentation went really well i think myself and Tom conducted ourselves professionally and made our points both clear and consistent. We were able to show and tell the audience why we are doing the project we are doing and where our ideas and inspirations came from.

I do think i repeated myself a bit too much and i referred from the presentation itself a bit too much. However despite this i think the main points were good and showed that this project is do-able and well constructed.

Our roles on this project were clear so everyone knows who was doing what on the project and also knows that we are always communicating so myself and Tom always know what is going into the game when.

I was pretty confident in our presentation and our project to begin with, however half way through the presentation i did get a little nervous and i think this is why i ended up repeating things and i said previously in the presentation and stumbling over myself or referring to the board for ideas on what to say.


I will be fixing the sliding mechanic issue i experienced yesterday and i will be dedicating my free time as well as my self- directed time to research- experiment and get started on programming the A.I which will be in our game.

I have had the idea to have some Melee enemies that will attack the player up close and some long ranged enemies that will attack the player but hurling projectiles.

i will also research how to import my own sound effects into my game, this will include sounds like background music, enemy encounters, character and enemy attack sounds and game interface music.

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Shane Swift


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