North Lake Bulldog Library North Lake Middle School, Lake Stevens, Washington -- 2019/2020

Library Hours: 7:10-2:50 M-Th and 7:10-1:00 Fridays:

  • We have an open check out system throughout the school day.
  • Come in for quiet activities and reading before school, at lunch, and after school.
  • Students can check out 3 books at a time, and books are renewed every 3 weeks.
  • There are no late fees for overdue books.
  • Fines will be assigned for damaged and lost books and resources. Students can also replace these items.
  • A Chromebook charging station is available in the library throughout the day.
  • Chromebook troubleshooting is available throughout the day and all repair and loaner request happen in the library.

Library Staff:

Contact us by email at the links above or by phone at 425-335-1530

Library Services:

  • Safe and supportive library environment
  • Library Orientation for all ELA classes during the first full week of school.
  • Book Talks/Date with a Book Activities
  • Themed book displays
  • Flipgrid book reviews
  • Matching individual students with the right books.
  • Scholastic Book Fair Week
  • Follett Library Systems tutorials and support
  • Curation of book lists for teachers around a theme, topic, or book club
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Notice and Note Signpost reading lessons
  • Research support through educational databases and research inquiry models/scaffolding
  • Database Tutorials
  • Citation support
  • Chromebook troubleshooting
  • Technology recommendations
  • Green Room certification training Podcast certification training
  • Sno-Isle Resources
  • Purchasing of library books and resources per teacher and student requests

North Lake Has a Brand New Makerspace!

“… [A] space where kids have the opportunity to make – a place where some tools, materials, and enough expertise can get them started. These places, called makerspaces, share some aspects of the shop class, home economics class, the art studio and science labs. In effect, a makerspace is a physical mash-up of different places that allows makers and projects to integrate these different kinds of skills.” - Dale Dougherty, The Maker Mindset, in Design, Make, Play

“Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.” -Jennifer Cooper, Designing a School Makerspace (Edutopia)

The North Lake Little Bulldog Makerspace:

  1. Located in the AV Room within the Library. It will be called The North Lake Little Bulldog Makerspace from this point forward.
  2. We will be hosting different makerspace activities throughout the year. Students will sign up on a first come basis.
  3. Some of the activities we schedule in the makerspace will be makeshare activities that are designed to support members of our community.
  4. The table in the makerspace and the two tall tables to the side of the library check out desk are reserved for makerspace activities.
  5. STEAM materials in the makerspace include art supplies, recycled materials, markers, colored pencils, paint, scissors, etc. Please be respectful of these materials, use them purposefully, and keep them well organized.
  6. The makerspace also houses our Green Room and our Podcasting equipment. Students and staff will have opportunities to be trained using the Green Room equipment and Podcasting equipment and can earn certification in these areas in order to use the equipment independently.
  7. We are building our tech resources with sphero, makey-makey, cameras, etc. Mrs. Burleigh will be asking for student and staff input for the curation of these technology resources over time.
  8. The makerspace is always in need of donated and recycled materials. If you think you have a donation or recycled material that would be a good for the makerspace please come talk to Mrs. Burleigh or Mrs. Buzzo. You can also email Mrs. Burleigh about possible donations at erin_burleigh@lkstevens.wednet.edu. Thank you!

Library, Little Bulldog Makerspace, and Library Media Specialist Reservations for Teachers:

  • Teachers will use the Library, Makerspace, and Library Media Specialist Reservation Google Form (located in NLMS Staff site) to request a reservation.
  • Teachers can also come talk with us or call us to schedule on short notice.
  • Teachers can send small groups to work in the library at any time without prior notice. If space is limited the students will return to class.

Little Bulldog Makerspace Reservations for Students:

  • Do you have a project that you would like to do in the makerspace? Individual students and student groups can request a reserved time in the makerspace before school, after, school or during lunch by filling out the Little Bulldog Makerspace Reservation Google Form.
  • Students can also come and talk with us to make a reservation. See link below:
The North Lake Bulldog Library celebrates diversity and inclusion! We aim to help students become innovative life-long learners with a strong sense of society and self-identity.


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