Views Drake

"Views" From The 6 has finally dropped and I know we've all been waiting for what Drizzy would say next.

  1. Keep The Family Close

Drake opens his new album with a song that introduces us to the theme of the album. When I first heard this song I wondered if there would be way more singing than rapping. I didn't know I'd get my answer in the songs to come. Overall I didn't mind the song but probably won't listen to it too much going forward.

2. 9

I'm still listening to 9. I usually skip the first song and start here. It just sounds like a good jumping off point for me. I feel like I could listen to it and get some work done.

3. U With Me?

With the DMX sample, this one is kinda hot. But mostly I just skip to the last 2 minutes before I skip to the next song. Not bad not exactly great just meh really.

4. Feel No Ways

Another song I mostly just will entertain for a minute before I forget it and move on to Hype.

5. Hype

FINALLY! A song I will still be listening to deep into the summer. This shit bang to me and I honestly wouldn't mind if the album started here.

6. Weston Road Flows

A classic Drake freestyle to me. What I usually find to be at the end of a Drake album or mixtape is now squarely in the middle of this album.

7. Redemption

I think the middle of this album is probably the best part. I find myself listening to Redemption I'm just chilling in bed staring up at the ceiling. "Please give me time while I'm searching for these wooooorrrds to say to you right now."

8. With You

Like it. The PND feature is nice. Lowkey this shit gets stuck in my head sometimes.

9. Faithful

Faithful is probably another one of my favorite songs on the album. The Pimp C sample is pretty cool.

10. Still Here

The momentum here is great as Drake transitions from a song that you won't admit you sing in the shower to a song that you'll be singing at the stop light when you're in the whip.

11. Controlla

All the hos love this one. Shiiiit everybody do. You and I know damn well that you belly roll to this shit in ya bedroom. Everyday. Everytime. Don't lie fam.

12. One Dance

The same thing applies here from Controlla. You can't stop lying now. I don't blame ya.

13. Grammys

It features Future. Basically WATTBA continued (Not that that's a bad thing mind you). Moving on.

14.Child's Play

"Bounce that shit like woah!" I hear this song all the time because my sister has this shit on repeat. That really means all the thots love it and what's good for the thots is great for you. Basically.

15. Pop Style

Still don't believe me that the middle is better? Admittedly the Channing Tatum line is a take it or leave it type of deal but the rest of the song hits. So there's that.

16. Too Good

All I'm gonna say is that I don't particularly care for this song. But the show goes on.

17. Summer's Over Interlude

Wake up Sunday morning and it's all good. Unless ya mama cleaning then you better pray she forgot you exist.

18. Fire & Desire

I feel this I my spirit. I really do try to song my heart out to this song. I try y'all. I really do.


The intro always pulls me in. I'm usually forced to listen to more but I just keep thinking about Weston Road Flows and how I feel like I've heard this before. Deja Vu?

20. Hotline Bling

What can I say about Hotline Bling? We've all heard this song at least 50 times before the album dropped and still probably listening to it.


After all is said and done I really liked Views. There were a few lowlights for me that honestly sounded a bit uninspired but I think overall I would give it a 8.5 outta 10.

UPDATE: 11/30/2016 2:43AM

After have listened to views for a few months now I think a change in score is in order. I now think VIEWS deserves a solid 8. I think the small change is necessary because I can't stand to listen to HOTLINE BLING anymore to be honest.

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