Innocents We By paul verlaine

Innocents We

By Paul Verlaine

Their long skirts and high heels battled away:

Depending on the ground’s and breezes’ whim,

At times some stocking shone, low on the limb—

Too soon concealed!—tickling our naïveté.

At times, as well, an envious bug would bite

Our lovelies’ necks beneath the boughs, and we

Would glimpse a flash—white flash, ah! ecstasy!—

And glut our mad young eyes on sheer delight.

Evening would fall, the autumn day would draw

To its uncertain close: our belles would cling

Dreamingly to us, cooing, whispering

Lies that still set our souls trembling with awe.


This poem seems to be about a group of good people



The narrator is talking about checking out girls that are wearing skirts


The narrator is still talking about checking out girls


The day is coming to an end, and the fun is over.



Line 5, "At times, as well, and envious BUG would BITE" The "Buh" sound is what creates consonance


Line 11, "Dreamingly to us, cooing, whispering" The "Ing" sound creates assonance.

Word Choice

He uses certain words and dialect to show his youthfulness and innocence. Words such as naïveté.


Happiness and curious


Him and his friends innocence towards females


At a young age, we as human beings can't help but be interested in the opposite sex, no matter the situation.


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