Music Classes at MCMS 2021-2022 Mr. Rice and Mr. Lequier

Dear Upcoming 6th Grade Parents and Students...

We would like to tell you about one of the most exciting and fulfilling opportunities available to students and parents in our school system. Involvement in music programs can provide numerous musical, academic, and social benefits that will last a lifetime. We even offer options to provide high school credit to those students who continue and excel in a music program during their 8th grade year. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our music program at Mill Creek. Please take a moment to watch the video below, and read over each of these with your child.

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Mr. LeQuier teaches our band program. The instruments in the band that you can choose from in 6th grade are flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.


Mr. Rice teaches our orchestra program. In orchestra you will be able to choose to learn violin, viola, cello, or bass!


Mr. Rice also teaches our chorus program. In chorus you will learn to sing in a variety of styles as well as learn all about composers, arrangers, music from other parts of the world and how to write your own music!

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Q:What is available and when do the music classes meet?

A:Band, chorus, and orchestra. They all meet every day!

Q:What's the difference between orchestra and band?

A:Orchestra consists of all string instruments violin, viola, cello, bass. Band consists of wind instruments and percussion instruments. Band wind instruments include: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba.

Q:Are there after-school rehearsal requirements?

A:After-school rehearsal requirements are very minimal if any (possibly 2 per year as we prepare for concerts)

Q:What about P.E. and other connections, etc.?

A:Students get two connection classes so a student would take another connection class, which changes every 9 weeks, along with a music class of your choice. For those students who enjoy extra concentrations in music, it is most likely possible to participate in band and chorus or orchestra and chorus. Students cannot sign up for both band and orchestra at the same time.

Q:Will I be able to participate in sports or cheerleading?

A:YES!! We have many, many music students involved with both activities and many more.

Q:Can anyone join band, orchestra, or chorus?

A:YES!! There is a perfect instrument for everyone!! Why not give it a shot? Keep in mind this is your only chance to join band or orchestra. There is NO Beginning program in 7th and 8th grade. TRY IT IN 6TH GRADE—YOUR ONLY CHANCE!

Q:Do I have to be able to read music?

A:No, not at all!! Over 95% of our beginning music students each year do NOT know how to read music. We teach you everything from A to Z to help you succeed and excel.

Q:How much will it cost?

A:Parents must furnish their child’s instrument. There are rent-to-own programs starting around $30/month for certain instruments with local music stores. We also have a limited amount of school instruments available for student use with a yearly maintenance fee. In the past, we have been able to provide a home practice instrument for the larger instruments as well.

Q:Where can I get an instrument?

A:PLEASE DO NOT ACQUIRE AN INSTRUMENT UNTIL THE FALL. Music and Arts in Woodstock services our school’s instrument needs and will be on- hand at a meeting during the second or third week of school to secure an instrument for your child (they will get a letter with the time and date the first week of school). Of course, you’re free to obtain an instrument at any store but we will be able to coordinate any repairs easier for you through this store. THERE ARE NUMEROUS CATALOGS, DISCOUNT STORES, WAREHOUSES, AND INTERNET RESOURCES THAT ARE SELLING “CHEAPER” BRANDS OF INSTRUMENTS. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME OF THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE NOT THE QUALITY YOU WOULD PROBABLY DESIRE. These instruments can severely inhibit your child’s ability to be successful in band and orchestra. Before you purchase an instrument from one of these sources, please call or e-mail us with the information, and we’ll be more than happy to let you know if we feel it’s a suitable instrument.

Q:When do we need our instruments at school?

A:We will begin playing approximately the third week of school. The first two weeks will be spent learning music fundamentals and doing instrument fitting assessments.

Q:What if we already have an instrument?

A:If you will be using a “pre-owned” instrument (such as played by a family member or friend), you should definitely have the instrument cleaned and “checked out” by a reputable music store before the school year begins, so it’s in good working order the first day we play.

Q:Can I drop the band, chorus, or orchestra class?

A:Although we like students to stay in the program all year, there will be one opportunity to drop the class at the end of the first 18-week period in December. Students may only drop during this time. You must send in a note or email stating this during the first week of December if that is your desire.

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Ryan LeQuier (All Band questions) ryan.lequier@cherokeek12.net

Ben Rice (All Chorus and Orchestra) ben.rice@cherokeek12.net

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