Angelman Syndrome Leonel Barranco

Angel Man syndrome is not so much inherited but is caused by a deletion in the maternal chromosome 15.The name of this gene is UBE3A It is neither dominant or recessive but it is a form of genetic imprinting.
Symptoms include lack of crawling or babbling, minimal speech, and frequent smiling and laughter. Inability to walk, move, or balance well (ataxia) is also a symptom. Angelman isn't lethal and they have normal life spans. It is treated includes anti-seizure medication and therapies to help manage medical and developmental concerns but is never fully cured.
Angelman Syndrome affects males and females in equal numbers. Angelman affects 1 in every 12,000-2000 people.
In 1965, Dr. Harry Angelman, an English physician, first described three children that all had a stiff, jerky gait, absent speech, excessive laughter and seizures now known as Angelman Syndrome. It doesn't really affect society because it is not passed down.
Dave Henderson had Angelman syndrome and he played for multiple pro teams.

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