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Prokol Polymers Seamless Warm Hydrophobic Waterproof Roof Overlay System - CE Certified 350% Elongation for Thermal Movement Thermal Shock 8 Second Cure, Anti Slip to BS Standard

Intitial Inspection & Survey by Prokol Polymers UK Technical Consultants

Following our request to survey to the ten storey tower block in Bromley Kent for Affinity Sutton Group the information given to Prokol Polymers initially was its current attempt at a new warm roof application had been abandoned half way through the project by the roofing contractor following various roof plant obstruction & protrusion issues where waterproof liabilities could not competently be overcome.

Original Roof 

There were a few items in the specification from Prokol Polymers UK that need further attention on inspection such as concrete plinth areas that had not been insulated that required thermal upgrade in line with the rest of the roof, a lift room access door threshold that did not have a sufficient up stand detail to create a full tanking finis, driving rain would have ingressed heavily into this room that was considerably lower than the main roof levels.

Original Drain Detail

Prokol Polymers UK Technical Consultants formulated a new specification focusing on areas of vulnerability, one key factors being the rigidity of the existing roof system under foot traffic were service operatives and there tools could cause unsuspected damage. Prokol Polymers have been called into existing failed projects over the years where conventional roof applications suffered water ingress which had occurred from screws and other fixing medium that had penetrated the membrane causing a breach in the system. It was paramount for Prokol that this was addressed and rigidity in the system was specified immediately.

Existing Roof Now Encapsulated with New 18 mm OSB Moisture Tolerant Smart ply

Prokol Polymers UK & Netherlands Technical Inspectors attend the application constantly to manage the specification along with the approved installers.

Prokol Polymers UK specification insisted on the application of new 18 mm interlocking moisture tolerant OSB smart ply system fitted to joinery standard, the smart ply system has integral fixing joints that allow for full thermal expansion and contraction in line with the Prokol Polymers warm roof application. This would protect the roof insulation and add to the thermal efficiency also, and give a solid platform for foot traffic.

The plant lift room door threshold that needed further tanking provisions had a curbed detail step built that was integrated into the rest of the roof timberwork; this allowed the approved applicators to create a fully watertight tanking detail. Drainage outlets were also addressed to be more efficient.

New drainage channels and falls were address to route water directly into the existing outlets, new Kingspan insulation was specified to complete the final half section of roof. This was also engineered to fit around the existing protruding steels supporting the telecommunication plant room.

The Prokol Polymer specification included a lateral to vertical movement or de-bonding strip where the base OSB 3 met the parapet wall, the spray applied seamless membrane will then terminate above this onto the concrete substrate where adhesion is high 8 - 9 MPA per mm. This will again allow for full thermal movement in the entire system including the final waterproof membrane, which has a minimum 330%. The OSB smart ply is pre-primed and fully waterproof prior to the final 3 mm spray applied membrane.

Prokol Technical Inspection Visit 2

Prokol Polymers Quality Inspection - An interim quality check by a Prokol QA/QC inspector is carried out prior to the final spray applied CE Certified Seamless Pure Polyurea membrane. Once this phase of the application is signed off as acceptable by the technical inspector the final waterproof membrane application can commence.

Once the final waterproof application begins the approved applicators focus on sealing all perimeter detailing prior to the main roof application. The Prokol membrane system specified for this application is the spray applied Rocathaan CE Certified Pure Polyurea at 3 mm DFT, 330% elongation (expansion & contraction for full thermal movement - Prokol Polymers 260 -FR Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea has 1400% elongation with 20 second cure times and is compliant to B roof T2 T4 standards) for thermal movement thermal shock and 8 second cure for closed cell non-airborne contamination. The CE Certified Pure Polyurea cures by chemical reaction and has no catalyst it is also fully hydrophobic moisture tolerant system. Polyurethane liquids which are quite the opposite and not fit for purpose as a long term solution for waterproofing as they are Hydrophilic and suffer from Hydrolysis Degradation they also are moisture intolerant leaving them susceptible to failure during and post application. In fact a key point to understand in Polyurethane systems are as a moisture intolerant application 19 grams of moisture can destroy 200 grams of catalyst, and the fact this is coupled with exceptionally long curing times can allow for cross contamination and airborne moisture scavenging impeding performance and increased risk of failures. Prokol Polymers retracted this chemistry ten years ago when the climate shift presented an entire new set of boundaries in the waterproofing landscape. The spray applied CE Certified Pure Polyurea systems are two part mixed by sophisticated computerised machines linked to 400ft of heated line delivering accurate proportions with minimal mixing errors or human handling. There is zero waste generate and the fusion of the two components are mixed at the tip of the spray gun, when switched off at the back of the spray gun the two component products recirculate back into there containers ready for the next session. The Prokol CE Certified Pure Polyurea is fully inert with zero VOC's and no odour, it is also manufactured using green chemistry with full life cycle analysis.

Hydrophobic Explained

Approved Specialist Applicator Spraying

The Spray Application Equipment Is Neatly Self Contained & Stored In Approved Applicators Vehicle and Just a 3 inch 400ft Flexible Hose to The Spray Gun Is Required In The Coating Area.

The Final CE Certified Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Seamless Waterproof Application is Complete & Ready for Heavy Traffic

Fully Tanked Detailing

Complete Prokol Polymers Seamless Roof

Neat Detail Finishing at Roof Top Access Entrance & Exit Point

The New Seamless Prokol Polymers Hydrophobic Warm Roof System is complete with the U-Values 0.12 - 0.13 W/m2K, all approved applicator daily QA/QC sheets submitted to Prokol Polymers NL for 30-year minimum manufacturer warranty issue.

Complete Prokol Polymers Roof System
  • Total Application Area 411 m2
  • Application Monitored Constantly by Prokol Polymers UK for Quality & Client Sign Off
  • Total Project Cost of Warm Roof Application Only ¬£59,287.40p
  • Duration of Works 15 Working Days (Including inclement weather issues)
  • Zero Defects
  • End of Defects October 2016
  • 30 Year¬†Manufacturer Warranty
  • Application Performance Inspected Annually by Prokol Inspectors for 30 years.

Prokol Polymers are an ISO Registered Company

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