Eva Chichester Photographer

"Go by zebra!"

Eva Chichester is a Sunday school teacher, photographer and Irish feminist. She photographed many things which are now stored in the Public Record Office in Northern Ireland. She was born in 1870 and lived to around 1950.

We have taken part in the "Women In Archives" project within PRONI and it is run through the Nerve Centre. We have greatly enjoyed this experuience and I will definitely take lots away from this.

Rory Horner as Eva Chichester

The Movie: With this program our group has made a movie describing our predicted experience of Eva coming to the future. We predicted what would happen and how she would go about with getting here. Rory Horner was acting as Eva and Ray was acting as the grandson. The premier of the movie is at 2pm on Friday 18 April 2019 at PRONI. (Public Records Office Northern Ireland)

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