Tremendous Weekly Content Review! 11-14-2016 -- 11-20-2016

Another week, another week's worth of amazing content from the Content Team! With the holidays gearing up into full throttle I can understand if you missed out on some of the great new content the team has produced. It's ok though, don't let your negligence get to you, here is an all inclusive list of everything the Content Team put out this week so you don't get left behind. You're Welcome!

Starting us off is none other than the Big man himself, BLONDE BEER (The Orange Road). This week he's got a plethora of get new videos! All of these are a must watch!

The Orange Road

Next up we've got RAMSUS7814 and his videos of the week! Cant go wrong watching anything RAMSUS puts up!

To get the full effect of the game, FEEDM3 (Bustamoovee) has the opposite perspective of the game against RAMSUS7814! I love when you can get both sides of a Battle Report. This is a rare treat! Enjoy!

This next guy always get me excited when he posts new content! TUNASANDWICHIFY has dropped not just 1... but TWO new battle reports for our enjoyment! YAY!

WARBOSS TOOTH (CHIHAMMER) is up next with 2 more of his WCW GT games! Come watch as his Green Badass Orcs kick the teeth down some sissy's throats! He also was on Warhammer Weekly this week and did and in depth review of the O&G book! Fun was had by all! Check it out!

Breaking up the Videos a little bit is a new favorite 2DSICK with a great kit bashing tutorial as well as a new character reveal in his army. I love this guy's work!


So LORD TREMENDOUS (ME!) is up next with a couple new Battle Reports. One against the Horselords, and the other is an ice skating report! (Seriously, my opponent skates right over me!) Still, I liked the reports! lol! Enjoy!

Next up, EXTOL put up an Elf on Elf slaughter Report! I love this report because so many elves die! I hope you do too!

The Content Team's newest member SIRMC2015 (GREEN DRAGONS GAMING) has a bunch of great Videos up this week! A lot of it is from a new player's perspective and is a great bunch of info for new and old players alike! Lots of promise from these guys! Great attitudes and fun reports! Check them out!

Wrapping up the week is one of our best content providers. GENEPHELPHS (WARGAMING FROM THE BALCONY) gives us an excellent review of the Mountain Mayhem II GT out of Martinsburg, WV!

That's going to do it for this week! Tune in next week to see all of the craziness provided but the amazing people that make up the content team! Hope you enjoyed everything! Thanks!

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