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My name is Taisha and ill be investigating this case. This is the criminal suspect it's name is Strontium and it's symbol is Sr.
Strontium has a atomic number of 38 the atomic number is the same as the protons and neutrons. And it has 50 neutrons. It doesn't have many alias but when discovered it took its name from the Scottish village of Strontian located in Scotland.


Strontium is best known for the brilliant reds its salts give to fireworks and flares. Strontium salts impart a red color to fireworks. Strontium compounds are also important for stabilizing fireworks mixtures. You'll find it in emergency flares, including road flares and flare guns.
Strontium chloride hexahydrate is an ingredient in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Strontium and chloride share a similar chemical structure to calcium. Strontium based toothpastes are therefore able to replace some of the lost calcium and block the exposed tubules in the dentinal tissue. This helps prevent the movement of the fluid within the tubules in response to a sensitivity stimulus that could otherwise cause tooth pain. Sensodyne is an example of one of the toothpaste's that can be used.
There's several different forms of Strontium used as medicine. One of them is Strontium ranelate used to treat Osteoporosis which is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses to much, makes to little bone, or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or in serious cases from sneezing or minor bumps. It's available in Europe as a prescription drug but the FDA (food and drug administration has put the drug under the IND (investigational new drug)


Strontium is found mainly in the minerals celestite and strontianite. But being the 15th most abundant element on Earth it tends to be hanging around there. It's estimated to average approximately 360 parts per million in the Earth's crust. Important world sources of strontium are Mexico, Spain, Turkey, and Iran. A small amount of strontium is also obtained from mines in California and Texas. China is now the leading producer of strontium so we might catch him down there.
Strontium hangs out with the Alkaline earth metals on the periodic table.


Strontium is an alkaline earth metal similar to calcium and barium. Freshly cut strontium has a silvery appearance but when exposed to air turns yellow.
Because of the way Strontium reacts with air and water, strontium only exists in nature when combined to form minerals.
Humans have some strontium in there bones it makes up for their calcium
There are very small amounts of strontium and its compounds in most foods. Leafy greens such as cabbage contain approximately 64mg of strontium for every kg of cabbage. Although this sounds like a small amount, in comparison to most foods, this is a notable amount of strontium.


Strontium was discovered 1790

Found by Adair Crawford

And it got its name after the village it was discovered in


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