Elena Nungaray Science

Hi! my name is Elena Nungaray i am a soccer player. What i achieve of being a Profashional soccer player, dance, gymnastics.I have a little Brother. And he is a soccer player as wall.He is a trouble maker sometimes.
What we bine learning in science. we learned cells, planets, Force, speed distance,soil sample, Elements, and more exciting stuff that we learned.
And as well as lots of fun Project that we do in the class room. Boat racing, rockets,bungee jumping Barbie,looking at different animals living spaces and environment. And i hope to learn more next year.


Created with images by jklugiewicz - "puppy dog animal" • tookapic - "green grass shoes" • Raven Vasquez - "Extrasolar planet WASP-11b/HAT-P-10b" • SpaceX-Imagery - "rocket launch spacex lift-off"

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