Perseus The son of zeus and danae

Poetry Analysis

The poem of Perseus made by Robert Hayden set 3 tone's. First being accomplishment, second being determination and third being seriousness.

On line 12 and 14 it states "None could have passed me then--/--and I lived". This shows the sense of accomplishment he felt doing something many were unable to do.

Diction helps show determination by using words like "Scathing"(4) and "dire"(dire) or phrases like "thirsted to destroy"(11).

He also shows seriousness by using imagery. He does this by using abstract and descriptive words to show the gravity of the situation that has been presented in front of him. These words include "gelid"(1) and "flashed bare"(7). The phrase "burned into the mirroring shield"(3) helped visualize the fight between him and Medusa creating a sense of being there.

Myth Summary

The myth of Perseus is about a son of Zeus that leaves him and his mother Danae after she conceives him. Being sent out to sea they are found by a fisherman, who directs them to the king. The king wants to marry his mother but to stop this Perseus must get Medusa's head. He finds his wife on his way back to the king. He comes back to the king and turns him to stone for mistreating his mother. Perseus is killed and is turned to a star with Andromeda to live together forever.

Lesson and Values

The lesson that this myth teaches is that determination will lead you in great directions

The myth illustrates this by presenting the rewards Perseus received for his determination, these rewards include the Head of Medusa being able to marry Andromeda.

Modern Allusions

The story of Perseus has movies based on him, but some harder to find ones include video games, books, and comics.

First allusion is God of War II by Santa Monica Studios. This video game is based around Greek mythology but alludes Perseus when he is chasing the sisters trying to find Medusa and Kratos blocks his path.

Second allusion to Perseus is in the comic Wrath of the Titans by Ray Harryhausen, it includes Perseus by including him, Andromeda, and Medusa into the story.

The last allusion to Perseus is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan. It may seem obvious but it never states that it is truly Perseus even though it has the same plot. It includes the scene of him killing Medusa and using her head.

These allusions help by cementing the myth by using media. I never noticed how often they alluded myths and other story's in modern media. It opens my horizons by showing that modern publishing's have roots back to old story's and culture.God of War II was interesting because I never knew video games would root back to develop the story line more than it already is. Wrath of the Titans wasn't a giant shocker because i have seen a lot comics based on myths but it helped to show that it includes other myths without it being its main subject. The third being Percy Jackson. It is neat how they can have the whole myth based on a myth but never actually say who it is about and what exact myth.

Some extra allusions that I thought were really interesting but too old to include were two books and two plays. The books were Moby Dick and Chimera and the plays were Persee and Persee et Andromeda

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