Labeling Society Bailey ouelLette

For this project I took a look at the label of "Hicks"

"a person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or provincial".

This is what people said when I asked them what they think of the "Hick" group.

"I would say manly, dirty, and talk in slang"

"Outgoing, and loud"

"They also talk about something outdoors, and are tough"

"They all like each other and have no boundaries when it comes to messing with each other"

"They like guns and hunting, and anything outdoors"

What does this mean about how Hicks are expected to act?

-Always act manly and never act feminim

-Be friends with all the other Hicks

-Always be rugged, and like dirty outdoor activities

-Like country music and guns

-Not be smart or intelligent

Some questions to ask

Would you hang out with hicks if you weren't one?

Would you laugh if you saw a hick wearing "girly" clothes?

Would you be surprised if you saw a hick get a 100 on a test? Or go to college?

Positive things about being a hick

-A lot of friends

-Know how to survive in the woods

The Hicks at TA, are expected to be a particular way. They are expected to be rugged, rowdy, dirty, masculine, and tough. They are expected to like big trucks, the woods, and the outdoors. A lot of them typically snowmobile, and dirt bike, and do outdoor activities.

This group is in the middle of the social standpoint, but some more than others are more popular. An advantage would be having a large group of friends (if you like large groups of friends), but a disadvantage is that you are expected to be masculine, and if someone in this group was more feminine, they would have a hard time being part of it.

Being a hick seems to have both negative and positive influences on ones life. If someone's a hick, they might not feel like they can express themselves and could feel even "trapped" in looking a certain way, and acting a certain way, even if they just enjoy most things that hicks like. They might be high on the social standpoint, but could feel obligated to be friends with all the hicks, and always be rugged and act like a man.

For my label I chose "Music Kid"

Ever since I started playing guitar and joined several bands throughout the years I feel like people have thought of me as the music kid. This could be because I wear band shirts and have been in music classes.

Positive and Negative

-This could be negative because I'm not popular, and never have been, but this has never bothered me. I never desired a large group of friends throughout my life, and have never wanted to be popular.

-This is positive for me because I love music and like wearing band shirts and being the music kid. I don't feel like I am bothered living up to these expectations that people have on me at all.

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