Back to School A Kindergarten Adventure

Using Spark Page for Back to School Night

Dear Educators,

This is a modified version of my Spark Page Project that I use on Back to School Night. You can read more about it on my blog post here:

I hope it inspires you to enjoy the process of creating a beautiful and meaningful document that can be used by families as a resource throughout the year.

Welcome to the Magic of Kindergarten
"The child starting Kindergarten this fall will graduate in the third decade of the 21st century. All we can know about the world she will step into is that it will have challenges and opportunities beyond what we can imagine today, problems and possibilities that will demand creativity and ingenuity, responsibility, and compassion. Whether this year's Kindergarten student will merely survive or positively thrive in the decades to come depends in large measure on the experiences she has in school." (An excerpt from The Third Teacher: A Collaborative Project. Cannon Design, VS Furniture, and Bruce Mau Design)

Let's Start Here.

21st century classrooms look and feel different than those many may remember. Learning moves beyond the walls of our classroom and becomes an experience in which teachers, parents, and children are learners together.

So...let's get to know each other!

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Digital Portfolios

This year we will be using the Seesaw digital learning journal to communicate and share your child's work. Take a look below to see more about how this works.

Take a look at this video to learn more about what you will see on the parent side.

If you have not already signed up, you will find your personal QR code and directions for downloading the app with in your child's folder.

Morning Experiences

Afternoon Experiences

**Here I include images of the rest of the slides to break down the day and share with families. I also include images to support talking points about developmentally appropriate practice. Photos of children engaged in activities to support understanding of the flow of the day also make a beautiful addition.

Blended Learning in Kindergarten: Providing a balance between meaningful use of online digital media with progressive classroom practices

Connecting to the outside world is a key component in our classroom. This year we will be exploring ways to innovate and enhance the process of learning and play both in and out of the classroom.

Benefits for young children:

  1. Time to process new ideas, themes, and activities.
  2. Development of background knowledge supports literacy development through exposure to new vocabulary.
  3. Opportunities for families to learn together.
  4. Allows learning to move beyond the walls of the classroom.

How does it work?


  • Daily/Weekly updates in Seesaw will provide links and resources for families to utilize. These links provide opportunities to reflect on classroom experiences, and develop new knowledge about upcoming thematic studies.

Sample Family Digital Newsletters:

Google Classroom

*Insert a button with a link to a Google Classroom screencast for families to visit later

In order to personalize, collaborate, and extend your child's learning, we will be working in Google Classroom this year. We are practicing using our login cards to access our accounts. A copy of your password card will be sent home so that you and your child can access Google Classroom activities whenever you would like!

ITunes U

  • ITunes U courses are available for families to learn together at home.

You can access iTunes U through the iTunes Store.

This is the first class I created...Participation is totally optional. These are simply additional resources that I am making available to families.

After downloading the iTunes U app, click on the link below to join the course.


Follow our class on Twitter! We will be connecting with other learners and experts around the world with our class Twitter account. **Children's names/faces will never be posted! We will use our account to explore digital citizenship in meaningful ways by practicing thoughtful questioning, posting, evaluating, reflecting, and responding to others.

I will also retweet articles and resources that are relevant to your family experience. We are a community of learners...that means grown ups are learning together too!

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This year we will be extending our learning to families through Flipgrid! This will allow us to have conversations, respond to each other, and connect as a community of family learners.

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My first Flipgrid for families asks them to share their thoughts on the start of our year together.

Time for Closure and Inspiration...

Click below to take a peek into our beautiful kindergarten world!

*Insert classroom video to share learning

Sample Animoto Video Below

Heart & soul,

Mrs. Twomey

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Jessica Twomey

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