The Life of Dorothea Lange By: Andre Davis | Photo Imaging(White 2)

Pictured: Dorothea Lange with her camera
Dorothea Lange was trained to be photographer. She worked with Clarence Hudson White while at his prestigious photography school. She also worked with Arnold Genthe. During the 1920's she traveled to the Southwest, to photograph people; mostly Native-Americans.
One of her most famous works: "White Angel Breadline" (1933) taken during The Great Depression
One of her most famous works: “Migrant Mother” (1936) taken during The Great Depression)
Pictured: Family who traveled by freight train.

Dorothea Lange was such a successful photographer because she had her own unique style of taking photos. In High School, Dorothea Lange was not a fan of academics; she realized that she had a passion for photography. She started off by working as a receptionist for Arnold Genthe. She later went on to take a photography course with Clarence White. Lange had connections with wealthy business owners, through her friends. Lange became the first female to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship (1940). Lange eventually withdrew from photography for multiple years, do to the failure of her work. Lange's legacy will live; some of her archives have been preserved near her hometown at the Oakland Museum of California.


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