Alexander III of Macedon (336-323 B.C.E.)

* At the age of 20 Alexander became ruler after his father was murdered two years after he conquered Greece in 338 B.C.E. which people believe was Alexanders mother, Olympias.

* Alexander moved quickly removing anyone who questioned his claim to rule and proving the loyalty in his army.

He began by overpowering Greece destroying the powerful city of Thebes and forced Greeks to recognize him as Philip's official successor.

In 334 B.C.E. Alexander met the Persians in Issus, southwestern Anatolia.He defeated them although the Persians army was much more strong than Alexanders and the Persians also out numbered them.

Alexander was very intelligent when it came to battles. He would plan moves and also hisĀ enemies move which helped him out during battles just in case he had to change course of action, which he did with no problem.

By 326 B.C.E. he was east of the Indus River and his men denied to continue their path because it had been eight years that they went without seeing their families. Alexander compelled to turned back. He returned to Persia but never saw Greece again.

Alexander considered himself as "a governor from God and a reconciler of the world" (Judge P. 140)

After returning he began indulging in festivals and celebrations and Due to drinking too much wine in such a short amount of time Alexander began to get sick, having a fever and later died in 323 B.C.E.

Alexander defeated Persian Empire, spread Greek culture through out Southwest Asia, connected Europe, Asia, and Africa in ways that would later benefit the Roman Empire and for that his accomplishments remained.

Although Alexander did many great things he also did things that were not so great. For example, Alexander was personally motivated. Although he had much love for Greek culture and he had big desires to fuse the Greek and Persian worlds, he did not think about about establishing political and economic institutions that could have helped create a kingdom from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to India.

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