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How to tackle and wear gear safely in Rugby.

Do you want to play safer and smarter on the rugby field? Then read this article that will tell you all about it. "this article will teach you how to be safe whilst having fun playing rugby. It will give you tips and tricks on doing this."

boot tape trick:

Have you ever had your boot fall off when you were kicking the ball? Well then, there is a way to stop that. Put your boot on and gather your laces on the front. Take some electrical tape and tape it around the shoe and over the laces. This will stop your shoe from slipping off if you did it tightly. [not too tight!]

how to mold your mouth guard to your mouth.

source :https://www.battlesportsscience.com/blog/how-to-mold-a-mouthguard/

Are you confused or scared to mould your own mouthguard?

This is how to do it properly: Firstly, boil a small pot of water and submerge the mouthguard for about 20 to 30 seconds. Your mouthguard should have instructions for the correct amount of time. Remember, the mouthguard should be heated to the point that you are able to mould it not the point where it is beginning to melt.

Remove the mouthguard from the water using tongs as you do not want to deform the mouthguard by squeezing too tightly. Cool the mouthguard either by dipping it in cool water or allowing it to air dry. Check your mouthguard instructions to see if water is recommended. You only need to cool the mouthguard to the point where you can put it in your mouth without burning yourself.

Place the mouthguard in your mouth to mould it. Push the mouthguard against your teeth with your fingers and bite down lightly. Pull the guard tighter to your teeth by placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth and sucking the air and water out.

Now you need to cool the mouthguard. Some instructions say that the guard needs to cool rapidly after it has been fitted by dipping it in cold water. If the mouthguard does not fit properly, you can remould it by starting the process again.

how to tackle properly!

Have you ever had the experience when you tackle someone too high and you got a red card or if you ever got rammed over by someone on the rugby field? Well here are some tips and tricks on how to tackle better.


Aim to tackle below the bag as that is what the referees look at. Also, try to not grab shirts as it makes it easier to get a penalty.


Do not enter from the side of the scrum and tackle people as that can get you in trouble because you are offside.


Hit you neck onto the opposite of your strong arm on the other person’s hip. Then you can tackle them and push them over

here is a video about my favorite rugby team playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K650EmXBPB8


Next time you play a game of rugby, remember these tips and tricks and have fun on the field!

the canyon sender by hugo.

the canyon sender!

Have you heard of the canyon sender? This downhill bike that was made in 2016 and that bought the win to troy brosnan. This article will give you all the specs and how I like them.

rockshox boxxer rc fork.

This special downhill fork is made for downhill mountain biking, with it’s 200 mm of travel, you will be able to smash through roots and rocks easily.

What i think about it:

I have personally tried this fork and i was amazed about how hard it was to blow out it’s travel.with it’s $900 dollar price, these are one of the cheapest high end forks.

weight of the canyon frame:

The canyon frame weighs in at about 3795 grams being one of the lightest dh frames out there.

I have personally not used this bike before but many people like the playfulness of the bike.

the saddle:

The saddle for the canyon is very comfortable and is made with very light materials like aluminium to really keep the weight down from the bike. This surely is a very high tech saddle.

rear suspension:

With the rockshox super deluxe coil r, you can forget about bottoming out while you smash those rock gardens as the coil rebounds and gives you a sof response that a normal dh bike should have. With it’s plush feeling and some settings for the rebound, this is a very good suspension from fox.


The tires on this Canyon are the Maxxis Minion Dhf. These tires are so knobby and will surely give you grip on those tight and loose turns. This surely is a comfortable and knobby tire.


This bike is one of the most high tech bikes in the world, many riders have chosen to move to the Canyon Sender and I hope you do too. Here is a video of Troy Brosnan, a professional mountain biker: Video

quidditch in real life

by Zachary Walsh

In Harry Potter, Quidditch is a popular sport, well in real life some universities and countries actually play this sport, (with a little tweaks here and there). Quidditch was invented in 1050, but now people brought it to life, because they love Harry Potter so much and want to make the sport for wizards, also for muggles. This sport includes fake brooms, quaffles, bludgers and a ton of moving parts.

How it's played

Quidditch is played on a 60 by 36 yard field with three hoops at the end of each side of the field. Six players on the field at a time, but each teams has unlimited substitutions. The teams are made up of three chasers wearing white headbands, two beaters wearing black headbands, a keeper wearing a green headband and a seeker wearing a gold headband. The teams also have to have four people from each gender. The chasers try to throw the “quaffle” through one of the three holes, this is worth ten points. The beaters have ball called a bludger. There job is to throw the bludger at the opposing player and on a successful hit, the player that got it has dismount their broom and touch their own hoop. The main job of the goalkeeper is to protect the quaffle form going into the holes. That being said, they can throw the balls through the hole but when they are in their own zone they can't be tackled. Now own to the seeker. The seeker is trying to get the snitch (a ball in a yellow sock), which is attached to a person trying to run away from the seeker. Click here to see quidditch in action.


When a player is in on the field, at all times a broom must be in between the legs of each player. Aslo when holding a quafle or bludger, you can only have it in one hand. That being, said a player can also kick it if they choose, but only to pass. There are different consequences for each foul. A blue card is a small foul. This equals to 30 seconds in the penalty box. A yellow card is a minor foul such as talking back to a referee. This card is one minute in the penalty box. A red card is a severe foul such as yelling at a referee. You are ejected from the game if this happens.

Top 3 University teams

Bell state University

This team was founded in 2009 and is the reigning team, in the International Quidditch Association. They are also very popular for giving funds to charities.

Boston University

This college is one of the most popular university teams attracting over 100 fans per practice. Also, they are a four time champion of the Northeast Regionals.


UCLA is one of the teams (or the best) that put the most effort into quidditch. To add on, quidditch at UCLA is the most popular club sport, and that's incredible because UCLA has many club sports.

Unusual Sports

by Zachary Walsh

We have all seen people pick up a ball and try to make a silly game about it. But what if playing a sport other people think is weird was your job?

jia alai

Jai alai is was invented in Cuba. At first, it was a form of handball, which makes sense because each player has a wooden cesta on their hand. This cesta looks completely different from your average baseball glove. I think it looks like a giant hook but spectors say it looks like, “The bottom of a pelican beak,”. This cesta is used to throw the ball at a 40 foot wide by 40 foot high wall. Balls can reach up to speeds of 188 miles per hour, but it's not just the cesta that's weird. In Jai Alai you have to catch the ball and throw it back at the wall in one fluent motion. Also in Jai Alai there are two different formats: round robin and set. Finally this sport has been legalized for gambling, which makes the Jai Alai players look like performers not players. Click here to see a game of Jai Alai.

worm charming

Just the name worm charming suggests that this sport is incredibly awkward. That being said it fits perfectly with what the sport holds. In worm charming each group of contestants, get a 3 by 3 metre plot, and 30 minutes to get as many worms to the surface and catch them. Here's where it gets weird, you can only use vibrations to get the worms to the surface (no shovels, pitchforks etc). That being said, you can use a pitch fork to vibrate the ground, just no unearthing. People have played folk songs, but on July 27, 2009 Sophie Smith pulled 567 worms out of the ground. Now that's a ton of worms in 30 minutes! Click here see Worm Charming.


At first you might think that this sport is about about throwing up but this port involves 15 players 6 defensive, 6 offensive, 2 mids and 1 goalie. Each player has a hurley, which looks like a long stick with a ping pong paddle attached to the end. You have to use this hurley to hit the ball or scoop it up into your hand to pass the ball or if you don’t want to use your hands just kick it! Also you can snag the ball out of thin air and then hit it like a baseball with your hurley, but you can only carry the ball for three steps. One of the weird things get weirder, it's only one thing and it's not as weird as the other two. In hurling to score a goal you have to get it over a crossbar over the keepers head, like what's even the point of the keeper? Click here to see hurling.

Top Three Basketball Shoes for each Position.

BY: Timothy George

Are you struggling with what shoe to get when playing basketball? Well struggle no more with the help from this article, I’ll tell you the best basketball shoes to buy for each position. But keep in mind that shoes not on this list are great too, these are just the top ones in my opinion.

Point Guard

For the point Guard I would say in the top spot is the Harden Vol 2. These shoes not only look great but feel great too, although their ankle support is questionable. Also they are light which may help as a guard hustling up and down the court

Next up we have the PG 2’s these shoes don’t look as good as the Hardens but are great in all other aspects. And last but not least, the Kobe Rage's. These shoes are one of the best looking shoes from the Kobe line and a Nike customer say this about the shoes “the most comfortable Kobe's I've ever worn”

Shooting Guard

For shooting guard we have the Kyrie 5’s these shoes are have the same material as the Kyrie 4’s but the traction cushion and support are phenomenal.

Next up we have the Jordan Max Aura. These shoes are some of the best looking shoes on the market but also one of the most reliable brands. Finally the Curry 5’s which as all in the curry line have great ankle support

Small Forward

Starting of the list we have the Lebron Soldiers XI. These shoes are very sturdy even after breaking them in, however the LeBron's will give you a bit of slippage.

Next up there is the UA Drive 4. These shoes which I have are excellent. They have so much ankle support but their grip will wear off. Finally, there is the D-rose, they are old but great for players. These shoes are slightly controversial when you mention their performance as they are not the best shoes but they do fit the small forward play style.

Power Forward

First up on the power forward list is the Nike Air Force 1 high as these are like boots giving you all the stability you could need as a big man on the court and don't look too bad at all to other high cut shoes.

And next up we have the Jordan retro 13. These shoes not only feel good, look good, but also are just like the O.G retro 13’s 105% comfort and 110% performance.


Now the Hyper dunks or the Crazy explosive will share #1 position on the center list because they both are very similar as they are both really comfy and have such a spring loaded sole.

And last on this article are the Greek freak, The Alphabet, The Antetokounmpo's Freak 1’s. These shoes are not only fire but are insane with the way that they are made as they are supposedly made with carbon fiber and a flyknit lining, but we’ll have to see about these ones

Want more shoes to pick from? check out this link.https://www.thehoopsgeek.com/best-basketball-shoes/

Dangers of Football

BY: Timothy George

Football Players are getting injured too often because well, football is dangerous. All NFL players have a 38% chance of getting injured and sitting a few games out. Men's Health says “ injuries are relatively common in American football, ...common injuries include: strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, and concussions. Concussions have become a concern, as they increase the risk of mental illnesses like dementia and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).” Now since football is a really physical game it makes sense that you can get injured. Even with all the gear they use a helmet won’t always protects you.

However some say it is not a dangerous sport. Like the brother of Nebraska's head coach Mike Riley says “In Riley’s words, citing a connection to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” the Mayo Clinic found that the risk of high school football players developing degenerative neurological diseases later in life is no greater than if they had been in the band, glee club or choir”. And for the high school varsity football players, they have high chances of getting injured but very slim chances of it being anything serious.

But your chances of getting injured varies based on the position that you play. Such as, the line back who shove opponents out of the way, has a much higher chance of getting injured then let's say the kicker. Also most who say that football is dangerous have never had the experience to backup their claim.


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