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Recruitment | Susie Bower | 4:19 mins

Welcome to the first week of Supervising Diverse Teams. Today we will be talking about recruitment of staff, in particular position descriptions and job advertisements.

Recruitment can be referred to as the attraction, selection and appointment of individuals for positions that become vacant or are created.

In essence, organisations need to find the right person with the right skill set at the right time to fit the organisation. Getting the wrong person for a position can become very costly for organisations so managers or supervisors need to look closely at the requirements of the organsiation when a position becomes vacant.

When a position does become vacant in an organization quite often the manager will grab the previous employees position description, read through it, make a couple of tweaks and then get on with the job of advertising the position. Managers are usually down an employee, other team members or the manager themselves is normally covering the work load of the employee that has departed until a replacement is appointed. Therefore, managers tend to rush this process of getting the position description ready for advertisement.

However, getting the position description right for a position is critical as it sets the scene for who applies for the position, who gets shortlisted and who succeeds in getting the position and every organization is after the right person for the job.

I am sure you have heard many times, people are the most important asset of any organisation so managers or supervisors need to spend some quality time looking at what they need in the organization, not just tweaking what they already had. It may be the case that they don’t need to change anything which is great but they do need to spend time analyzing the job requirements.

Things can change dramatically in organisations in short spaces of time and when someone leaves it is a perfect opportunity to reevaluate where the organization is heading, and do we have the right people with the right skills to get there. So essentially managers need to start at the end point, what sort of skills and attributes does the organization need in the next couple of years to achieve its outcomes. Then work back from there.

Spending this time on developing the position description to meet the outcomes of the organsiation will not only produce a better position description but it will also be more likely to attract a quality prospective employee with the appropriate skill set.

Once the position description is ready there are a couple of options for organisations, they can advertise the position themselves or they can appoint a recruitment company to take care of the process. Many organiastions that do not have their own human resource departments tend to use recruitment companies when recruiting at a senior level, less senior positions are usually handled by the organisation. For example, I previously worked in local government, anything at a Directors level or above we used a recruitment company, any positons below that the Directors and other key staff were directly involved in the recruitment.

Whether the organization is handling the recruitment or a recruitment agency is then comes the decision of how and where to advertise. I have read many job advertisements that quite frankly wouldn’t encourage me to apply for the position. Whether organisations like it or not, everyone is competing for the best and brightest to join their team, therefore the advertisement must sell that organization. Why would someone want to work there, what are its selling points? These are the things that need to be in the advertisement because you want the applicant to think, hey that sounds like a great fit for me and then they go further and download the positon description and put in an application. Every advertisement must have a hook that will appeal to the sort of person the organization is trying to attract.

Then comes where should the organization advertise? A couple of the more popular internet sites to advertise on is Seek and Indeed. Some organsiations are doing some targeted facebook advertising.

Please watch the following clips which give you some hints on preparing job descriptions and recruiting and advertising the position.

Practical Learning Activity

General Competencies for Human Resources: A Skills Analysis

As part of this subject, you are encouraged to complete a skills analysis to identify your strengths and areas for further development - specifically in relation to a supervisory position in Human Resources. The main purpose of the activity is to help you determine what HR general competencies you currently have, and what to work on. Then you can map a plan or draft a timeline around any of the competencies that you feel you need to further develop for a job in this area.

The following is a list of competencies that you can think about as a starting point.

To reflect on where you feel you might be at on a scale of 1 -10 (with 1 = needs considerable development through to 10 being no development necessary), please complete a skills analysis on these professional competencies by following the link below.

Practical Learning Activity

Setting Skills Development Goals: An Action Plan

Based on the skills analysis/survey you have completed for HR competencies, complete the template below which asks you to consider areas for development. You might want to also consider skills you saw mentioned in Position Descriptions and Job Advertisements and where you rate yourself on those. Please upload the template to your portfolio for future reference and also use the material to inform what you include in your student learning plan.

The template may be found via the following link as a word document:

Learning Activity 3

Essential Skills, Employability Skills and Study Skills: Self Assessments

As part of the entire Associate Degree Program you are encouraged to complete a range of these kinds of skills audits – with the purpose being to explore your strengths and areas for development across a broader range of areas than the discipline itself.

The main purpose of completing audits as you progress through the course is to ensure you can map out what you ‘have’ and ‘what you need’ to achieve your study, work and personal goals. What you learn from the audits can then guide what you include in your student learning plan.

To find and complete a broader range of skills audits, we encourage students to follow the link to the generic module on “Skills Analysis”.

Please complete the following quiz before moving to week 2 material.

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