Hunger Strikes Putting your body on the line to accompllish change

One example of hunger strikes during the Civil Rights Movement is Peter de Lissovoy. He was imprisoned in Lee County Jail in Georgia. His hunger strike lasted for 20 1/2 days. He was a part of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Comittee (SNCC).

A hunger strike is defined as,"the act of refusing to eat as a way of showing that you strongly disagree with or disapprove of something" by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

One famous example of a hunger strike is Mahatma Gandhi. Similarly to Peter de Lissovoy Gandhi fasted in prison, and because he was such an important leader there would be outrage at his death. He was also fighting for his rights and may have encouraged Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When Peter de Lissovoy recounted his experiences in jail he noted that even jail was segregated into white and black prisoners. He also wrote that many people that sacrificed a lot have been forgotten by history.

“I told my cellmates about the oppression of the whites and apartheid. I helped organize hunger strikes and the like in my prison.” -Nelson Mandela

In this image you can see 10 of the 33 people in a hunger strike listening to their radio to pass the time. These students were from Frankfort, Kentucky who were on a hunger strike in the state Capitol.

I must carry on with my protest, it may kill me, but I must fight the hunger. In the past we were enslaved physically, now we are servants of the white people. Not much has changed for even though we have not (baked potatoes mmm) picked their cotton crops, we pay our taxes just to be oppressed by the government our money is going to. I can not stand by this oppression, I will not go quietly into the night! (Doughnuts mmm) We must fight this one meal at a time! What's that? We don't have to give up our seats to whites anymore? Ok, I'm gonna go eat.

"While the slaves are all working. Blood is on the table. The mouths are choking. And I'm going hungry. I'm going hungry." -Temple of The Dog “Hunger Strike”. I believe that this song is showing the reasons people had to go on hunger strikes during the civil rights movement. The artist is writing about how he is thinking about what happened to black people in the past, and how it could happen again if they didn't make a pish for their rights.

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