Female Genital Mutilation YWAM's role in FGM Prevention in Somalia

Currently, YWAM does not have any service locations in Somalia to combat FGM

The Reality of FGM

  • Partial to total removal of external genitalia, includes sewing of vaginal opening.
  • Tradition: No anesthesia, lack of sanitary tools.
  • Used to preserve virginity, cleanliness, and marriage prospects.
  • Causes sever pain, bleeding, and health complications that can last a life time and lead to death.

FGM breads disease, distorts the body, and causes suffering.

Education of FGM and YWAM

  • Many caregivers are unaware of the consequences of FGM.
  • After education, the rate of caregivers able to list at least 3 FGM related complications increased from 50% to 72%.
  • The number of caregivers thinking that uncut women have “loose morals” decreased from 39% to 28%.
  • Through YWAM's influence, these changes can happen in Somalia.

Through YWAM's services, a safer future for Somalian girls can be obtained.

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Carina Schiro


Created with images by DFID - UK Department for International Development - "A young woman waits to receive UK-funded food aid in Dolow, Somalia, 28 January 2012" • Mariamichelle - "orphanage tanzania africa" • Newtown grafitti - "SAY NO TO FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" • claude_star - "convention conference meeting"

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