Wildflower show Bursts With COLOR

"[This show was] more complicated than any other show we've done in the past, like for example we have a costume change now and in the history of Homestead we've never had a costume change, ever. And they're bringing back the like the concert trombones and actually having a trombone feature [which] is something that Homestead hasn't done," flute player Kathleen Petcu (11) said.

This year's show featured an eye-opening costume change from the usual black and green uniforms to colorful shirts representing the name of their show: "Wildflowers." Mr. Rendon, the band director, said that each shirt was unique and all were different colors, which represented the diversity of HHS.

"The marching band community is shaped so that I feel like everyone fits in and everyone is so accepting and open minded to new people and new buddies," assistant drum major Jeanna Yi (11) said.

Joseph Foley (11) said that his favorite part of the show was his saxophone feature when the band plays an excerpt from "In the Hall of the Mountain King."

Near the end of the show, the band changed outfits and donned colorful shirts in an unprecedented costume change.