Last 30 days of lock down March 24 - April 22, 2020

The government had announced a week-long nationwide lock down on March 24, 2020 in a bid to stop the COVID-19 from spreading out of control. The lock down period extended twice in between and is effective till April 27, 2020.

Following the lock down, NSI is practicing "work from home" from day one. Nonetheless, efforts to support rural healthcare and our routine works has been uninterrupted so far. All teams are regularly carrying out their duties from home.

Nevertheless, Leadership Team and some other team members are travelling to office as and when required to complete urgent tasks. On top of that, team members are working extra hours to support the MoHP in preparedness to respond during this period.


First Step

Forecasting the situation of pandemic hitting Nepal, NSI's immediate response was to support 10 portable ventilators and 1,000 sets of PPE to MoHP.

Information System

Considering a fact that an information plays a crucial role in planning process, NSI took an initiation in preparing a data sheet which provides a brief picture of district level hospitals and their readiness for this pandemic.

Seven data sheets with updated data have been submitted to the MoHP for obtaining relevant information of hospitals in all the provinces.

Stay Connected

Regular communication for effective coordination with our team members, partners, health directorates, hospitals and program staff members working in the front line.

Direct Support

HSP team took lead in managing and transporting masks, PPE, IR Gun and hand-sanitizers to different hospitals in all provinces.

Helping hands for packing PPE sets.

Developed MS-Excel based MSS data entry sheet for Health Post Levels

Training Support

Use of NSI supported equipment (Manikins) for "Advanced Airway Management Training".

Back-end Contributors

ADMINISTRATION team managing logistics and supplies for support material distribution.
FINANCE team working tirelessly to ensure staff members, suppliers and vendors receive timely payment.

Software Updates

BMS upgrade in process with system testing.

M&E Software upgrade in process; discussing & understanding new input forms, reports and filter criteria.

"We think; they study and share"

RESEARCH team conducted a rapid survey on what people typically think of the daily life during lock down and shared a provisional report.

Unsung Heroes

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