French fries or fat fries ? Chicken or ? By: Lizet

Capture the fatness ?

Have you ever wondered why Burger king French fries are so fat ?

Have you wondered how there chicken fries are made ?

"soft & crispy at the same time" - Burger King

"Our French fries are the best, gold and soft", says Samantha a manger in Los Angeles.

There French fries don't have much fat, they are actually reduced!

Why are they so fat ?

They cut their potatoes just a little bit more fat and that's all.

- less salt

Sarah Barrington states: "When I order I expect this place to be opened and organic".

She also states, "They just heat chicken fries u, straight out the freezer". Burger King is a no, no.

I personally think that any place would just re-heat, it's just how it works.


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