Comparison The differences between harry potter and a wind in the door

The Harry Potter Series and A Wind in the Door, have a similar story line, but if looked at closely, they are conceptually very different. Both books have a sense of good and evil, and they both involve a group of people working together to attempt to defeat that evil. They both involve magic, and learning magic to solve problem and ultimately defeating the enemy. However, the key differences in these books are the way they treat magic and explain magic, the way they make you think, and the way they treat other magical beings in their world.
The Harry Potter series treats magic like its science, and A Wind In The Door treats science like its magic. In Harry Potter, Magic is something that is taught in high school, and something that is an everyday life science. Magic is studied and new discoveries in magic occur every day. New Magical spells can be created and invented.
In a wind in the door, Meg’s mother uses science to discover farandolae, and later Meg realizes that the farandolae are so small because they’re magical. Everything is explained logically. In Harry Potter, all of how spells work is never explained. In my opinion, this is what makes A Wind in the Door a better-written book. With the Harry Potter series, there is no real explaining that needs to be done, other than “It’s Magic!” With A Wind in the Door, the statement is more, “It’s magic because…” I think this makes the book more enjoyable because while I was reading it I thought that this may actually be possible in the real world.
In Harry Potter wizards are the above most magical creatures, and Wizards feel above magical creatures. In a Wind in the Door humans are the least intelligent beings, and magical creatures feel that humans are below them. In Harry Potter magical creatures are like animals, and a Wind in the Door they are like gods.

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