Good Life: Tour of the Harn By: Jordan kramer

The African Masquerades exhibit was very intriguing to me. It gave me a glimpse of African life and how they celebrate spirituality and religion. In America, we do not get to see this culture as much as you see it in Africa, and not everyone gets the opportunity to travel so far. This exhibit gives insight as to what the masks look like and how these people get in touch with their human-spirit relationships. Had I not visited this museum, I would not have gotten to learn a little bit about the African culture. It is important to see this exhibit because it gives many details and compilations for you instead of you having to look it up yourself and put the pieces together. I found the colors and outfits to be very striking and unique. The artwork definitely intrigued me, and I would like to learn more about other cultures of the world.
My favorite wing of the museum was definitely the Asian Art Wing. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. The light shines in through the big window revealing a nice garden outside, making the room very bright and open. This wing was very nicely put together. The artwork is spread apart, so it is not too crowded within the wing. It leaves plenty of open space for walking around and taking in every piece of artwork. This exhibit definitely made me feel happy and helped enhance my experience at the museum.
I chose this painting of Frida Kahlo because she embodies many of my values. This photo allowed me to further think about an explore what she stands for. She is known to be devoted, strong, and powerful, all that I aspire to be. Theses are important traits for people, especially woman in my opinion, to embody since we are often looked upon as "lesser," or not as capable of a man. This photo was empowering to me. I love leaning about inspiring woman in history because it makes me feel like I myself am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
In the Korean wing of the museum, this sculpture really caught my eye. Since I know that a buddha is supposed to represent wisdom and serenity, I felt that this would be good sculpture to represent the theme of the Good Life. This specific Buddha is actually a bodhisattva, which is a Buddha-to-be who has yet to reach enlightenment out of respect for others attempting to reach the same goal. He is supposed to look very serene to represent his spiritual aura. This helps me understand that we must be wise and compassionate while attaining our own versions of the Good Life, which is different for each person. Although we are different than Buddhists, we still are all on a journey to find out what makes us happy and how we want to leave our mark on this world.

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