Wonder by: R.J Palacio FIONA hICKEY

Thesis: In the novel Wonder, it helps teens better understand the ADA act because it provides a better education for all people and explains a better lifestyle for those with disabilities. The topic relates to my project because it describes the type of disability that the main character Auggie had. The theme goes into my project because of the way August who is the main character is treated with a disability, how it makes him feel in the outside world vs. the inside world that really knows him.

This is quote that Auggie would say to others because he believed to spread kindness to others could make their day and make them smile. This quote would not only build others up but is a quote that motivated August through times he felt left out.

This picture shows mostly of how August felt through out fifth grade. He didn't know if he would like middle school or even be treated like a normal kid. It was his first time going to an actual school, because he had been homeschooled for all of his life until now. This picture also shows perspectives of other kids pulling August up and helping him. August didn't know it but he changed the way others thought about kindness and appreciation for what they have in life. This is a very accurate photo of how his classmates felt towards August, they realized that he is just a kid like all of them. He deserves to be treated like one and not looked at or bullied. He was an incredible role model for the kids his age, and that was the many perspectives that felt this way to pull August up and work together.

The topic that came to mind when thinking of this novel and who the character is, was The ADA (Americans with Disabilities act )

The ADA act has been a facility that has been helping people with disabilities for over 25 years. It is the nations first comprehensive civil rights law adressing the needs of people with disabilities. It prohibits discrimination against employment, the equality for people with disabilites, promotes acsess to jobs, school, transportation for public or privet places. The ADA is the first comprehensive law guaranteeing equal rights to persons with disabilities. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity) issues enforcement guidances on key ADA issues as well. Meaning the EEOC has common sources to the ADA. This is how the EEOC became part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Start at 1:25 and end at 1:55 show video for 30 seconds

As it said in the previous video people with disabilities should be able to move around too, this disability should not prevent them from stopping them for what they want to do (as far as activities go.) For people with mental or physical disabilities these resources help them still be able to function and go wherever they would want to go. Some resources that are applied to people with disabilities are...

Wheelchairs: are a biggest recource allowing them to travel anywhere they want because that is easy for them to get around, wheelchairs also provide support of hurting yourself because of the fact that you always will have someone there for your own safety. It allows them to achieve certain activities that they think they would never get to ever do again. For this resource to be applied is an amazing thing for people that are disabled. Some resources that are applied to people with disabilities are...

Hearing aids: are another resource into having a this disability because sometimes in this situattion with this disability it will cause people to loose your hearing at a young age or to be older. In Wonder August happened to loose his hearing at a very young age allowing him to need hearing aids

Braille: is an adding resource in having this disability because people that have this disability can be blind sometimes depending on their condition of how long they have had it and what has it done to their body mentally. Braille is a brilliant resource to use to read, write, speak and learn by an education. This resource can allow people to be successful in life knowing how to read or understand what others are saying around them.

Sign Language: can also be used as a tool to communicate because even people who are not able to verbally speak you can see them speaking through sign language, this resource is excellent too because it can get you far in life knowing how to speak to others and even writing it so people can see what you would be writing.

This picture shows that the government is a supporter of the ADA act. It allows people that are disabled to enter because of the sign that is put up. The government allows resources for disabiled people like having an equal opportunity to be heard, working together, learning to achieve their independent lifestyle, and is very open to work with anyones needs. If the government hadnt gotten involved and wanted to make this act become a law it could not be as big as it is now.

There are also enforcement agencies that are able to work with the ADA to successfully provide requirements of the ADA. Many of them are...

  • Department of Labor
  • The Department of Transportation
  • The Federal Comminications Commission
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The Department of Justice

All of these agenicies have something to do with the ADA and helping specific people whenever needed. They are all mostly invested in the government because that is what applys to them by the ADA. The ADA is a very organized business as shown with all of the federal agencies and with the help of our governments leaders, it was a sure policy that this act would have become a great law to have that would help and go to everyone that had a disability.

The impact on Americans with Disabilities Act have been extremely positive through out the last 25 years. The ADA has shaped those disabiled in many ways like, learning how to maintain a lifestyle that suits them best, learning education like any other kid would, learning how to be independent in anything tried to achieve, and the equality between people that are disabled and the people that are not. As people start to realize others that have disabilities they feel touched by the ADA and feel like they needed to stand in for those in the ADA. So not only has the ADA impacted people without disabilities to see how extraordinary it is but it has importantly affected people with disabilities, for them feel confident in being themselves, and living their lives to the fullest and not let this act bring them down.

In conclusion the ADA act is related to my theme and thesis by allowing those disabled to still be able to live a healthy happy lifesytle, and learn education to provide them amazing work ethics for the future to come for them.

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