Who is Nelson Mandela? By joshua battaglia

Nelson Mandela, was born July 8th, 1918 in Mvezo ,South Africa. Mandela was born into the royal family, The Thimbu's. Mandela had a fairly easy road through childhood because of his situation. But surprisingly, Mandela was not just satisfied with him self having equality and success. He wanted it for everyone.

So when Mandela was in his teenage years, he studied law at university at fort hare, and it was there that he began to take action, he joined anti-apartheid movements and even co-founded the ANC. This was all because he believed in equality, he didn't believe that your heritage or the color of your skin decided what kind of life you live.

After about 5 years after he joined ANC, his dedication was rewarded and he was named president of the Transvaal Branch. He soon become the emotional leader of ANC and led the 1952 "Defiance Campaign".

After multiple peaceful protests over the years, Mandela was arrested and sent to court. He was charged with "attempting to over throw the government" in 1962, which serves a life sentence in prison. Mandela stood by his beliefs and served his sentence and told his followers to remain peaceful but keep enforcing his message that everyone deserves equality.

Mandela served 27 years of his life sentence until a man by the name of F. W. de klerk freed him. De Clerk was president at the time and saw the dangers that were arising. Mandela's followers had fulfilled their promise to Mandela and kept up with peace protests and boycotts in South Africa. De Klerk released Mandela and they negotiated a treaty to end Anti-apartheid. Mandela instantly became a national hero, even bigger then he was before.

Within 4 years, the Next presidential election came along, and the country's superstar won by a land slide. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became the first African American president in South Africa.

Through Mandela's life he accomplished so much, he gained the equality for all men and woman in a country, freed a country from colonialism and just became the father of a new borne nation. Mandela is now referred to as "Madiba" in south Africa, in his clan language, that means "Father of the Nation"

CITATIONS: https://www.nelsonmandela.org/content/page/biography


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