Song Lyric

1. What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

1.Title: What Are Words

2.type of text: Song lyric

3.Website Address:

Note: Chris Medina was a Starbucks waiter. On December 12, 2007, he made an engagement with Juliana, a girl who fell in love with him for eight years. October 2, 2009, two years after the engagement, the beautiful girl because of a car accident, the brain suffered a heavy blow, after rehabilitation, intelligence only 2 years old, life is totally unable to take care of oneself. But Chris doesn't abandon. Later Chris took part in American Idol and earned more money for his fiancee to be better treated with a better life. Although finally still stop at the country 24 strong, but <What are words> this song full of love has been firmly imprinted in people's hearts

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience?(age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1.Primary target audience: Because this is Chris Medina to participate in the game song, for the time of the game scene, the primary target is to the audience who is watching the game.

2.Secondary target audience: This is Chris Medina wrote to his girlfriend a song, true to convey the author's love to a girlfriend. In fact, the secondary target is the author's girlfriend

3. What are the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

1,.Primary purpose: It is evident that the content of the lyrics mainly expresses the author's love to the lover without abandon. The lyric of the sentence, the author of his girlfriend's love perfect show to the audience.

2.Secondary purposes: The author of this song mainly in order to hope to better take care of his girlfriend after winning the contest.

4. What are contextual aspects of the text important?(year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

Year: 2009

Location: Lyric songs

Economic background: Chris Medina is relatively poor, hoping to change their economic status through the game and better care for their girlfriends.

Social factors: This song in the community have a relatively large response, Chris Medina to his wife is not abandoned, worthy of our young people to learn!

5. What important language/linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?-register(colloquial, formal, semi-formal, slang), taboo language, emotive language, vague language, jargon, figurative diction, descriptive diction, direct comments, specific details and examples, humour, euphemisms, bias sensationalism, satire, irony,choice of lexis/diction, discourse markers,propaganda, rhetoric etc.

Formal and semi-formal: the lyrics need to be written in a more formal and semi-formal language.

Emotive language: this lyric song needs to convey the emotion of the author through the emotion language, so the emotion language plays an important role in the whole song. For example, When it's love you say them, Out loud these words, They never go away, They live on, Even when we're gone, this passage is used in the emotional language.

Figurative diction: in the lyrics the author compares his girlfriend to an angel, conveying the author's love to his girlfriend.

Descriptive diction: the author's girlfriend Love directly depicts the lyrics, most of the language is in the expression of the author's girlfriend does not give up, two people love lasting.

6. Is phonology important?(the sound of language, think onomatopoeia)

Important: the phonology is very important for the lyrics, the song does not just need beautiful words, but also need to rhyme, so as to make the song catchy, elegant and beautiful. Phonology is very important for the lyrics. Repeatedly stressed that "what are words" is to strengthen the rhyme makes songs more beautiful and touching.

7. Is syntax important? (sentence length, sentence construction, punctuation)

Yes. The syntax is also important for the lyrics, the lyrics of the sentence length can not be too long, too long for the singer to breathe, while the sentence structure also neatly rhyme so that the expression of the emotion of the song.

8. Is grammar important? (verb tenses,use of pronouns, the structure of the sentences)

Yes. Grammar is also important for lyrics. Because pleasant songs will make the listeners listen constantly, even learn to hum. If there are grammatical errors in the songs will be misleading to the learning of the listener language.

9. What about pragmatics? (the underlying meaning, the author’s agenda)

Pragmatics is important in that the author should not have any bias or agenda. It should provide a balanced, objective, and critical overview as an introductory text of sociology without a favored argument or interpretation of the material or resource covered. Points and counterpoints should both be addressed, providing an opportunity for the reader to reach their own conclusions and perspectives by applying their own critical thinking.

10. Is typography important? Why?(a text’s layout, presentation, use of paragraphs, lists, ‘bullets’, font choices, underlining, italics, white space, color etc.)

Typography will be conducive to the transmission of the lyrics of emotion, but also will make this lyrics language more beautiful. The composition of the lyrics of the narrative is also very clear that the authors have repeatedly stressed that "what are words" after the beginning to narrate the relevant facts. In fact, this typesetting is conducive to increasing emotion.

11. Visual images, charts, and graphics?

No, for this lyrics, these things are not used at all. The lyrics more important is the language emotion and the auditory emotion convey. In this lyric, the author has a great deal of interpreting the connotation of the author only by language. At the same time, we have never seen the lyrics use charts to express.

12. Other striking features? Tone? Style? Theme? Etc.

Lyric songs should pay more attention to the style of language.

The structure of the lyrics should be reasonable, in the whole song can not appear too long or too short sentences to affect the expression of the emotion of lyrics.

The theme of the lyrics is distinct, for a song to have the theme of praise. This song mainly praises the author to his girlfriend Divine Love.

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