Room 6 News/Issue 9 DEcember 8, 2016

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Winter is coming....

We enjoyed learning about hibernation and migration through books and songs. We all made our bears, rocked them to sleep and placed them in our class cave for a long winter's nap! The bears will wake up in spring, and we will celebrate with books, pajamas and a Teddy Bear Picnic! We also created a mural in our hallway depicting animals that "had to sleep". Please stop by to take a look and to see our display of Holiday Traditions as well.

Our Five Senses

We are just beginning to read and think about our five senses and how they help us learn about our world. This week we noticed that Denise Fleming incorporated the senses in her book, TIME TO SLEEP. We learned about our senses from the book, MY FIVE SENSES, by Aliki, and then searched in TIME TO SLEEP for the senses the animals used to know winter is coming. We made a chart indicating which animals used sight, sound, smell or touch.


Field Trip to Green Acres Art Center, January 17

Please look for the Green Acres field trip permission slip to come home on Monday, December 19. Please complete the information and return to school. There is no admission fee, but all students will need to bring a packed lunch to school to eat in the classroom before departing for Green Acres. We are excited about this special opportunity to explore the science of sound through a variety of activities.

Homework Change for Today

Please note that today's homework will not include the Winter Is Coming song and activity as listed on the Practice at Home page. We ran out of time to introduce and practice this activity at school.

Scholastic Reading Club Orders Due Tomorrow

Scholastic Reading Club book orders are due to tomorrow, Friday, December 9. Please submit your online order by 4:00 p.m. The order will be placed on Friday evening to guarantee delivery before the holiday season. Books are perfect gifts. Please let Mrs. Hillenbrand if you want to keep the ordered books as gifts for your kindergartner (playing secret Santa is always a treat -- especially when it comes to delivering books for a lucky little reader). Thank you for your order. Every order earns points for our class to receive free books for our leveled book collection and class library. By the way, Will Hillenbrand's book, Snowman's Story, is available through the book club in the Early Childhood/Firefly division. Will will gladly autograph the book.

Run, Run as Fast as You Can Here Comes the Gingerbread Man!

We are in the season of gingerbread! Beware the gingerbread man is everywhere, and we are loving it! We will read the Paul Galdone version over and over to practice sequencing and retelling. We will read other versions to compare setting, characters and conclusions. We will sing songs, play games and bake. We will have activities at the art center, math center, sensory center, storytelling and sensory center to explore and to connect to the story.

Holiday Concert on Friday

We look forward to a special holiday performance by Sycamore High School Students this Friday at 2:30. The students will sing, dance and warm our hearts with holiday melodies and cheer.

No Newsletter Next Week

Due to the busy season of assessments and report card preparation as well as the wonderful pleasures of holiday season preparations there will not be a class six newsletter. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.




Wanted: Box Tops

Label all winter clothing with your child's name, please.


I Can Statements for this Week


I can read and write the pop-up word can in a snap.

I can identify and say rhyming words.

I can segment and blend sounds in a word.

I can identify and say the sound for the digraph /ch/.

I can retell a story.


I can use pictures and words to tell about a topic.

I can add more words to my writing.

I can correctly spell all pop-up words and stretch out sounds in other words.


I can correctly and neatly write numerals, 1-10.

I can count down from 20 to 1.

I can count to 50 by ones.

I can tell which is more, less or equal.


Words to read and write independently





















Special Dates

  • Wednesday, December 21, Holiday Party

Literacy Learning

We are working on developing comprehension by bringing the stories we read to life through various ways. We are practicing saying an introduction before we read an old favorite. The introduction includes the title and a summary that does not give away the end. We are practicing reading with expression while attending to the punctuation. We will learn that readers do not just read through the book as fast as they can. Readers stop to ask questions. Readers stop to think if what they read makes sense. Readers stop to make predictions and when readers finish a book they talk about what they read -- especially their favorite part. We are also beginning to work on remembering what we have read by retelling the story. We will practice with the book, The Gingerbread Man, and continue to reinforce this important skill in January.

Writing Workshop

We are writing books that are five pages long! We are working on narratives that include a beginning, middle and end. We continue to practice planning our stories by touching and telling the story using our five fingers on our hand as a guide. We are learning that we should always spell the pop-up words correctly. We are learning that it is wise to reread your work to see if gives the reader enough information.


  • We are enjoying singing the song, Who Can Catch the Gingerbread┬áMan, to practice pointing to each word and reading the word can.
  • We are practicing segmenting and blending words as we sing a song, THE GINGERBREAD MAN RAN THROUGH THE TOWN.

Books We Enjoyed at Read Aloud Time

My Five Senses, Aliki

The Gingerbread Boy, Galdone

Mr. Cookie Baker, Wellington



We have really, really, really are working hard to correctly form the numerals one through 10. We want to build automaticity in writing the numerals consistently and in the proper direction. We have a little melody and rhyme to accompany each numeral to remind us how. We LOVE using the wipe off boards and dry erase markers to practice.

We also continue to practice determining which is more, less or equal as we read books and participate in a variety of activities.


Scholastic Reading Club book orders are due on Friday, December 9 by 4:00 pm.

Look for the Green Acres Field Trip Form on Monday, December 19. Complete required information and return to school.

Send in Box Tops.

Label winter clothing with your child's name.

Congratulations to the Student of the Week - Lincoln

Happy Birthday, Dominic, Nina and Sydney !

We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become. Ursula LeGuin
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