Life Science - Semester 1 - Show What You Know This is the assessment of what you have learned / remember from our first semester of life science

This assessment is not graded in the sense of whether you are right or wrong. Rather, it is an assessment of how well you are remembering what we have learned in class this year. Your grade will be based on EFFORT. Please answer the questions fully and to the best of your ability, and you will receive full credit. If you have any questions about what that means, please ask me before you are done with your assessment.

This is an open assessment, so you are free to look at your past work or to search the net if you think it will help. Make sure that everything is your own thinking and your own words; that means you aren’t copying and pasting (plagiarizing) someone else. Again, this assessment is a chance for you to show what YOU know.

Use Adobe Spark to create a piece or pieces of media that show what you know about the following topics. You can use videos, images, text, and audio to show what you have learned about Science and Life Science this year. Please take your time, and make a piece of work that you are proud of and want to share with others. Click the following button to get started with Adobe Spark:

Give YOUR definition of what Science is. Give 2 examples of things Science can study, and 2 examples of things Science can’t study. Please explain why it can or can’t study those things.

We’ve learned that life has basic needs, list all the needs of life that you can think of.

We’ve also looked at how animals and plants are structured and behave in ways that help them meet their basic needs. Give 4 examples of animal structures or behaviors that help them meet some of the needs you've listed (could all be the same plant/animal, or they could be different).
Give an example of what you consider to be a scientific model. List at least 2 reasons we would use a model to study something as opposed to the real thing.

Please explain what a system is, and how this idea of a system or systems is related to the human body.

Post a photo or a video that represents a system that isn’t related to the human body. Explain why it's a good representation of a system.

The following is a link to an anonymous Google Form where you can make suggestions about how the class can be improved:

Once you're finished "showing what you know". Share the link on SeeSaw:

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Created with images by Justin LaBerge - "Rain" • GoToVan - "Science World" • YvetteNatuurfotografie - "fox wild nature" • Melissa A. N. (Model) - "The Solar System Planets" • crackdog - "Internal Organs of the Human Body from The Household Physician, 1905" • congerdesign - "screw-cap glasses collect"

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