Changing the World 30 Seconds at a Time IES Guadarrama, Madrid 2019

Environmental Education

During this year as Global Scholars, we have learned the importance of water in our lives and in our cities. We have to preserve the water and change our behaviour to improve the environment. We have also discovered that our local actions have consequences in the world. We decided to take action and teach our schoolmates about the problems caused by plastics in the waterways and also water waste.

We developed a public Service Announcement with ads and posters. We are delighted to share with you the results of our effort.

Changing the World

30 seconds at a time

¨What goes around comes around¨

One day after school, we were playing with a plastic bottle near a river. After we were done playing, we kicked the plastic bottle in the river and left it.

A week later, our mother sent us to the supermarket to buy a fish for dinner. We bought a fish and took it home to prepare it for dinner.

To our surprise, we discovered the plastic bottle we had thrown into the river a week before lodge in the mouth of the fish we just bought for dinner!

The moral of the story is simple, all our actions have consequences which will affect us all.

¨What goes around comes around!¨

The power is in our hands to stop pollution and save the planet.

Plastics in the Ocean

Pollution by plastics affects nature and also people.

Make the impossible, possible!
Created by Alberto, Daniel, Julia, Sara and Silvia
No pollution, no disaster

We need to change our behaviour to reduce the use of plastics and help our environment.

Created by Andrés, Helena, Javi and Miguel
Think of the consequences to the Earth

To stop pollution, we made this video to show people what we are doing incorrectly. We show that when we pollute we kill plants and animals, and this is a big problem. If we will kill plants, the food chain will break and if we kill animals, we won´t have a healthy environment. We show that plastics take a long time to disappear, sometimes more than 500 years.

Created by Alex, Fatima, Luis and Sofía
Save energy, save your city, save your planet, save yourself

Our video shows how to conserve energy at school and the way to save energy: when class finishes, we turn off the light of the classroom and switch off the computers and the digital board.

Created by Ainhoa, Claudia, Gabriela and Laura
Plastics are in your hands 10 minutes, but in the oceans, 150 years
Created by David, Germán, Marcos and Sergio R.
Tell me...are you aware?
Created by Álvaro, Carlos, Samuel and Sergio
With a little help of everyone, we can change the world
Created by Badar, Daniel, Jaime, Kristyan and Ramón
Save the environment

This video is about two girls that throw rubbish on the ground. Two other girls see it. They pickup the rubbish and throw in the bin.

Created by Ágatha, Candela, Elsa, Paula and Sara

Don´t pollute your home, don´t pollute the Earth

Created by Gabriel, Selene, Sergio P. and Tomás

We would like to transform our cities into a better place to live

We have the future of the world in our hands

IES Guadarrama, Madrid for Global Scholars. June 2019